2014 Blog Rewind

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 So this has been the most eventful year that I have had ever since I started this blog. Here is a review of some of posts that I did for the year of 2014.

  • I posted up a chapter of a story have been working on called 221B. It is a different twist on the Sherlock Holmes world. 
  •  I did a special edition of my Friday's favorite things on Reign because it is an amazing show, and continues to get interesting.


  • I got see the lost world, in a beautiful theater that was built to show such silent movies.
Nerdy Birdie the outfit
  • I loved creating an outfit based on my blog. When I started this...I continued making outfits based on movies, books, and more.
Fangirl cover based outfit

  • The day after my if my blog was an outfit I started book cover outfits. I first started with Fangirl and the Bone Season as my first inspiration.
  • I also did a review on Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell

Style of a queen


  • In June I talked about taking pictures and showed you guys the amazing pictures that I took. And I got to see a Komodo Dragon for the first time. I learned enough about them to know that they scare me.
  • I showed you guys my artwork that I have been working on. I'm thinking on redoing them.

  • I talked about the awesome outfit that revealed to be the new Batgirl outfit. 

Harley Quinn inpired outfit
  •  I created outfits on comic book ladies. check both I &II


  •  I introduced an ongoing project I have been working on called Monster Hearts. You can find products of them on RedBubble.

 Gamora based outfit

October/ November



  •  I volunteered at I local Comic convention called ZappCon. You can check part one and  part two out.

  • I introduced you to the new kitten Dusty! She is more tiger like each day and knows what she wants.

  •  I showed a piece of artwork called Van Gogh Girl that I have been working on for four years! I finally finished because of the many sunflowers.

    I had a really big year this year! I hope next year is a lot bigger and have a lot more amazing posts!

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    1. I love this post! And I love that Harley themed outfit! Those tights are too awesome!

    2. Looks like a spectacular year! :)


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