Welcome To My Corner of the Universe!

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Hi I'm Ariel!
     College student. Writer. Whovian. Blogger. Artist. Anglophile and Bibliophile.

 I'm a twenty-something year old student at an Art University studying Creative Writing. I wish to become a writer and own a book store.

 I’m a major sci-fi nerd. My main fandom is Doctor Who. I have been watching it since I discovered it on sci-fi in about 2006 or so…5 am. I can not get enough of it. I actually made a TARDIS ornament for Christmas and it sits in my room the rest of the year for decoration, I’m also a fan of Star trek, but I’m a level of a noob. I also love firefly, X-files, Buffy, Warehouse 13, Defiance, Agents of SHIELD, the Avengers, and the list goes on.

I’m a Bibliophile, I’m obsessed with books. My collection keeps on growing. (I’m starting to believe I need help. Main reasons why I want open a book shop! I mostly read science fiction and fantasy, but my favorite book that I have read is Water for Elephants.

    I volunteered at Meux home Museum in Fresno, California. It is a Victorian home built in 1888-9. I love being at a house with such history. It's what makes me, well me. I sometimes blog about the Victorian era in a section called Docent Days.

Why the name Nerdy Birdie?
 It was originally called Caged Birdie, but it made me feel trapped and constricted. I began working on a shop and started come up with name Nerdy Birdie, because I want to create a shop for geek chic girls. And I changed the name of my blog to Nerdy Birdie because that is what I am.