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     So I thought I would turn back time a few years, and create outfits on the Avengers. I think I'm going to be doing this every Sunday from now on until I run out of ideas. I encourage suggestions. If I could I would totally want to wear all the outfits that I have created so far on this blog. There is one or two characters missing because well I have so many on this post.

ironman based outfit

Sangria Sensation Top / Gotta Jet Set Jeans in Red /Cube Your Enthusiasm Heel in Mustard / Keep Close Necklace
Iron man was kind of hard outfit to create. I didn't want to go over board with the yellow/ gold because he have so much on him and I wanted to make a fairly simple outfit. I was glad to the locket that matches the light of the arc reactor. 

Captain America based outfit

Madison Aptitude Top in Blue / Hashtag Fab Jeans / Cambridge Satchel Upwardly Mobile Satchel in Red - 14 inch / Evening Exploring Boot
     So I had based this outfit more on Captain America's outfit that he wore in WWII.  When I first found the blouse everything began to fit together. 


Hawkeye based outfit

  I was so glad how well this outfit came together! The colors go well together and was overjoyed when I found the bow and arrow necklace. 

Thor based outfit

Give It a Tripod Top / Bugle Joy Skirt in Scarlet / Brighten It Up Necklace in Silver / Bracelet bangle / Quill of the Night Bootie in Black

    I would say that this my favorite one. I had one idea for a Thor, but I changed and as I was building up this one I started to fall in love with it. I had difficulty finding something that represented Mjolnir. But in all if I had this outfit I would totally want to wear it.

hulk based outfit

Cherished Celebration Dress in Olive / Tights for Every Occasion in Grape / "Astoria" Edwardian Leather Shoes (Black)

     I wanted to find something cute for the Hulk outfit, but doesn't scream torn clothing like he does. So I found this dress that is amazingly the same color as him . 

Black Widow based outfit

Tanks Very Much Top in Black / Jack BB Dakota quilted jacket / Black pants / Back in the Sing of Things Bootie / Wayfarer sunglasses

Black Widow was a hard one to create.  Her out has a lot of black and was hard to put together something that represented her.

agent colson based outfit

Comfortably Cool Top / Retro pants / Simple and Chic Wedge / Undisputed Class Watch in Gold/Black / Show Your Skills Blazer in Navy

I like this outfit based on Colson. It is a very professional look but still holds the idea I wanted to hold the spirit of Colson.

loki based outfit

    So last but not least is Loki! I really didn't want to do so much on this outfit, but I think it is badass. So I designed it to be fairly simple but to look more towards Loki and has to include the helmet as the necklace.

I hope you enjoyed these avengers outfits, I really did like making them. I couldn't make outfits based on Nick Fury and Maria Hill because the might have a lot of repeating items, and pretty much single colored outfits, like Black Widow's. 

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  1. I love the Hawkeye outfit and the boots from Loki!

  2. The Hawkeye and Captain America outfits are amazing! And I love the Hulk dress and the Iron Man necklace!

  3. Can i have all of them please? Specifically the shoes and necklaces! I'd definitely feel like the ultimate badass in all of these outfits!

  4. Great outfits, Captain America and Loki are probably my favorites though!

  5. The Hulk and Loki ones are spot on, well done!


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