How To Train Your Dragon 2 Based Outfits

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    Due to the success of last week's Guardians Of The Galaxy post, I thought I would continue with such ideas.
    I still would like to continue with book cover outfits, that I haven't done for a while.
    This week is How To Train Your Dragon 2. I wanted to do all the characters from the film, but they all have colors that are similar; tan, brown, black. So I went with Hiccup, Toothless, Astrid, and Stormfly.

Hiccup based outfit

Jack BB Dakota black quilted jacket / ModCloth Maternity Long Cover-up Hosting for the Weekend Tunic / High rise skinny jeans / Brown ankle boots / Flower jewelry / Beach sunglasses

Hiccup is one of my favorite characters. He is strong emotionally than physically. I tried to as much as could to match the colors that he wears. But I think I came close enough. 

Toothless based outfit

ModCloth LBD Long Sleeveless A-line Date Night / Tabbisocks red tight / Wedge shoes / Crossbody purse / Rhinestone necklace

    Toothless is my favorite character! I love his outfit, I wanted include part I could that was close to Toothless look. 

Astrid based outfit

Flounce top / Jack BB Dakota white vest / Moon Collection mid length skirt / Tabbisocks blue tight / Vegan shoes / Embellished headband

Astrid is my favorite girl characters I want to cosplay as. It was a little hard creating this outfit, because of the fur, but I believe I came close to how I wanted to make it look. 

Stormfly based outfit

Wedding dress / ModCloth Pinup Boogie on Over Half Slip / Look From London plus size polka dot tight / Chelsea Crew navy blue shoes / The Cambridge Satchel Company leather handbag / Statement necklace

The reason I chose Stormfly is because she has very bright colors, I thought I could girlish and something that could possibly be worn on a date. I was surprised found a dress the same color of Stormfly. Looking at the picture, I noticed she had a purple undertone, so I chose a purple slip.

    I hope you guys have enjoyed these outfits, I enjoyed creating them. If you have any suggestions please let me know. 

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  1. I haven't watched this series yet, but from what I've seen really cute outfits - totally match the characters! :)

  2. I love the Toothless outfit!

  3. LOVE THESE! And loved the movies too.


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