A Nerdy Birdie Confession: Life As A Poor Nerd

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     Sorry I haven't posted anything that is not a weekly post in a while. I have been busy with school which has basically kept off on writing on anything I actually want to say.

 Truth be told, being a poor nerd kind of sucks.
     Don't get me wrong I love posting about my nerdy life, but when I see post like geek space where people like to show off their geeky areas with all these amazing  figures and comic books  and games. I have nothing that compares to that. Seriously.
   While everybody around me talking about comic books, I am one of those girls who sits quietly because I have no idea what they are talking about half the time because I do not have any of the issues of the latest comic or game. game consoles leave me confused because my family could never afford one. Except when I started playing Call of Duty: Ghosts recently like the rest of my family.
     I do not own any Funko figures, though I want to get some but I can't because I can't afford it. 
     The one thing that irritates me is when I introduce friends of mine that have never seen Doctor Who and they watch it. They end up buying merchandise, and I'm left to sulk.

      I have been to one convention in my life time, it was only a day long but a great day at that. Seeing everybody else go to conventions makes me feel like more of a noob, no matter how hard I try not to be.
    I would love to cosplay, I would love to wear a period costume when I volunteer. I even create my own costumes that have yet come off the page.

    It's not about the nerdy stuff, but it is about where I am in life that makes me feel like this. I can't afford french textbook this semester because it's nearly $200. I don't have financial aid where I get a check to pay for these books, and my own parents won't help pay for it. I have tried every possibility get financial aid only to find myself waiting until my birthday 23rd in October because of the rules that they had. 

     As long as I can remember I have lived a geeky life but I have never been able to show it around others.

    What I have been doing to catch up on being a poor nerd:
  • Check out comic volumes from the library. (particularly Buffy)
  • Make lists of shirts I would like to get. 
  • Work on Last Girl of Gallifrey (coming in late November!)
  • Setting up shop, (need to work on products)
  • trying to get out more (this I really want to do.)
     One of my dreams is to go my city's first Comic Convention in my birthday month.  I would love to go to that, as start for conventions. I'm crossing my fingers on hoping I can save enough. But chances are I won't.

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  1. Being nerd isn't about the stuff you own or don't own, it's about what you enjoy and like!

  2. Being a nerd has nothing to do with stuff, it's a frame of mind. You can be a rich nerd, a poor nerd, a in-between nerd, it doesn't matter, as long as you love what you love and love to share it with people around you. I started out like you, when I was a teenager, I didn't have much money, I didn't have access to comic books (except Archie sold at our local newsagent) and we just didn't have shops (or internet) to buy that sort of stuff. Just because someone has an officially licensed TARDIS tee and you're rocking your hand made one, DOES NOT MAKE YOU ANY LESS OF A NERD!
    Just remember that there is no wrong or right way to be a nerd, just continue being awesome, and you'll be fine :D
    <3 Molly


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