Friday Favorite Things Special Edition: Reign

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I have been watching a lot of Sci-fi shows lately, but  this show tops them all that I have been watching. I know it’s not science fiction, but Reign is one of the few shows that I can’t get enough of. A twist away from the history books, this show gives a whole telling the Queen of Scots. I’m going to share with you why am obsessed with this show.
1. The Fashion
Reign may have a few problems for those historical buffs, especially with the modern day fashion. I just can’t enough of Mary’s dresses.  They may be modern but they do have a 16th twist to them. The crowns that she wears are also subtle to show that is queen but like Mary should not scream that she is at the top of her lungs.   The way Adelaide Kane makes the outfits flow, to show not only she is portraying a powerful queen, but a stylish one as well.

2. Women Have Power
Not only does the show that men have a power to rule a country, but the women do as well. Mary may be young and only knows so much about being a queen, and she has been queen since she was a baby. She is able to take control of situations that involves her country as well as her arrangement of her marriage. Queen Catherine sees her as queen who has a much experience but is still in her way to her son’s succession. Catherine needs to realize both are her and Mary are similar on they are both women who grew up with threats against and now have the power to defend themselves.
3. The Boys    
I can’t get enough of these boys. One is Dauphin of France Francis and other the illegitimate son of the king Sebastian. Both of them have grown up in similar but they are different individuals. They both have a heart for Mary making this a juicy love triangle for the show. Francis is more of diplomat who is waiting for his time as king, while Bash is the solider does care being a king; but Mary will do anything to protect both of them.
    I like Bash more than I do Francis. For those of for Francis, sorry. But Bash is interesting character, he is the favorite of the king, but he is also a mysterious character that has to be told about him. *spoilers* Not mention he is supposedly going to be made legitimate and marry Mary to keep Francis safe from a prophecy.
4. Nostradamus
    Speaking of Prophecy, I hope some of you know Nostradamus is because he is the one man made many predications that have come true in not so clear way. Nostradamus is an interesting character, he is a mystic type of man in a very religious world. Nostradamus is played by Rossif Sutherland, as in these Sutherlands:
5. The History may not be correct but sill makes a good story
Reign is not historically accurate, but it some way it creates a history of its own.
Here are some things I looked up:
  • Francis was quite short. Mary was written to be 5’11”
  • Nostradamus was in his 50s during the time setting of the show. He looks good for his age doesn’t he?
  • Bash does not exist! Disappointing I know but Francis did have total of nine siblings from his mother Catherine de Medici. Three of them died as babies, three sisters and three brothers.
I love reign! I can’t get enough of it. With the big love triangle , and fear of England on Mary’s back. This show may have created a history of its own, and has modern twist of the clothing in it, but it makes want more with each episode. Reign can be seen on CW on Thursdays at 9 or check you local listings. Bloglovin' pinterest facebook Image Map

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  1. Also the soundtrack is UH-mazing!!! This is my new favorite show of the season. I haven't kept up with many, but this is deff a must see!!


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