The New Batgirl Look

10:00:00 AM Ariel Bloomfield 2 Comments

So I randomly stumbled on this yesterday morning and I'm so excited I really want to make this costume because it is Batgirl with a Hipster look.

I am so in love with this look that I really want to make this for Zappcon here in Fresno. I've been taking note of the materials and the outfit. The issue comes out in October the same month as the con, and my birthday!

     The only problem I have is having the money for this outfit. As usual; but I might find my way around it. I totally looking forward towards this comic.
The story comes from MTV news here

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  1. Saw this yesterday and am looking forward to the release. As it was described to me, the new Batgirl sounds like a mix of Veronica Mars and Sherlock.

    The new look is a lot more relatable then the current spandex version, that's for sure.

  2. I am not sure what I think right now of the new look. I am interested to see what the panels look like in comic and the personality she will have.


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