Sugar Fueled Coma Christmas 2013

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once again it’s that time of year I show the sugar fueled day I had. This year I do mean sugar fueled. I know it’s the day after and I still feel sugared out.

      That morning I  really did feel like getting up at all.  But we were eating at ten so I had to force myself up. The month of December, has left me utterly tired. As you can see in my selfie that I take every Christmas.

christmas 1

I continued with the stripes that I have been doing every Christmas. I decided to wear my robot necklace. My hair on the other hand I didn’t know what to do for it.



Every year I make a ornament to add to the tree the tree. last year I made a TARDIS out of paint samples. This year I made two. One of my mascot Ismene and the other one of Tom Hiddleston dancing with a Santa hat that I  photoshopped on him. If you can’t see it very well, here’s another pic.

DSCF3768christmas 2

When I gotten there to see all the presents, I realized how much sugar had floated around the tables. I’m still kind of still sugared out. I continued to nibble on things afterwards. When it came to unwrapping presents had received some awesome gifts.



I was so excited about clue. I have been wanting to play it all year. I wish I had money for the Sherlock version because then I could play Sherlock. But for now I’m good with this one. There are a few things that irritate me a bout it but oh well.

     The next gift I got took me hours to uncover.

civil war figure

It was one of those block of plaster that had secret figure in it. Then again it would have been secret since it told me on the box. I also received a pirate skull one as well.

Then to end the day, I watched Matt Smith’s final episode as the Doctor. to be honest I threw a bit of a fit when it changed to Peter Capaldi, it involved a few seconds of screaming No! I’m  going to miss Matt.

I want to continue doing Ismene’s 13 days before Christmas, but also re do it as well and make them into GIFs.


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  1. I found the Lunar Adventure Poster very cool! The reference to "Water for Elephants" was very nice, I would like you to send me your entire collection of stories,
    Thank You.

  2. Oh, and you should go with a mid-length bob (Hair Style)


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