2013 Rewind

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January - March
It was really slow on my blog at this moment in time.I continued working on my Friday favorites ( I might bring that back.)
In February I began to volunteer at the Meux Home Museum, as well as my posts Docent Days.
April - June
Still busy with school, but a few posts added. I didn’t spend so much time on the computer during the summer.
Things began to pick up for posts and views. I did a post in July on tips for community college students.

20 tips cc
In August my favorite post was bookshop ideas, and Peter Capaldi announced as the next Doctor. August seemed a better month for posts during that time. I was in between summer and school, and school got closer I tend to write a bit more. I find that blogging relaxes my stress that have developed over the years as I gone through school.
In September post up on my stories The Poison Apple and counted down the days until my birthday.
In October  I celebrated my 22nd birthday and showed the new pair of boots I had received. I also announced a recipe blog that I have been working with my aunt for those who are on food stamps called Cooking With Change. I also lost my cat Panther in October as well. I had a difficult time not tearing up when I see his picture.

16ismene 1
  November I gave Nerdy Birdie a makeover, it took a lot of work and a lot of research I was able get my blog the way I want.  As well as introduce Ismene to my readers. She will be making a lot more appearances next year.
December was about the most exhausting month for me. Not with posts just the prep for Christmas. Baking Cookies and volunteering at the meux home, when there are so many tour groups. December left me at a stand still for posts.
Goals for 2014
  • Work on Amazing Geek Girl posts
  • Start outfit posts and book review posts
  • open advertising
  • and many more ideas!
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