20 Tips For Community College

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20 tips cc
     School is starting soon, especially for community college students.  Community college can be scary for high school students that want start a cheaper place before going to a four year university. These tips only apply to community college students in the united states. Community College is full of people of all ages and cultures. I have been at a community college since summer 2011, and I have learned a few things while I have been there. I hope others can these tips for their own adventures in community college.

Starting on financial aid early is the most important thing you can do after registering because it help you pay for school. If your state even has a fee wavier, you can even go to school for free. But with the cost of your grades being the result for the reason of receiving financial aid. So keep your grades up. The best place to start is the fasfa website.

    This the second most important thing for you to do after you register, and have gotten confirmation on a the fee wavier. If you don’t have have a fee waiver, you have to pay your classes yourself  before the deadline. The health fee is also an important fee to be paid, because without it you won’t be able to keep your classes. The health fee takes care of the things you might need from the nurse in case you encounter any problems. This also includes psychological help as well.

     Copy cards are easier than cash when it comes to copying things. If you school has them, get one. They cost you a dollar to receive the card (depending on the school) but the cost of that goes to your copies after you received the card. If you find any copy cards laying around pick it up, you may never know how much could be on it. Plus when your printer is not working at home you can run to school to print out there so you may never know when you might need one.

   Flash drives are the key main supply that you need for school, you can go with something normal, or have something that fits your personality with something creative as the flash drives above. Flash drives are used by everybody, even the instructors because they don’t have a class room of their like the ones in high school.

     You may never know when you might be stuck between classes and you hear your stomach growl. The best thing to do is bring snacks with you.  If you have enough money to buy something from the cafeteria or café that’s great. But be aware of the prices may be higher than what you have in your pocket. So carrying snacks may be the best idea.

    A student ID can help you around school, and may also help you with discounts inside and outside of school.  A lot of people may not consider buying a student ID but one of the main things that you need around school.

Finding a quite spot may be the best thing for you to do between classes, find a empty courtyard, or place in the library and just relax, read, anything you want to do. Give yourself a few moments where your not stressing about school.

     Not a lot of people like the library, most people just sit on their laptops and surf the internet; but when it come to a specific paper on a certain subject that you are working on the library is your main research center. The school spends money on books for what ever possible subject you may need for what ever project or paper. So instead of sitting in front of the laptop, go to the library for need information, you may never know what you might find. School libraries may also carry your textbooks, even though may not have your books yet.

     This may be the one tip that students says is the best because, you are more than likely able to find a whole lot cheaper online than at the school because most students want to get rid of their books quickly. If you’re looking for books online, check on amazon or Barnes n Noble, on the new or used area. If you buy the book at it’s regularly sold price, you are losing money, if you buy the book used, chances are the book may be lightly used and the last person barely touched the book.

    The most important advise you can get about your classes is from a counselor they are the one that can help you with progress to a university. They also advise you on the classes would need for chosen major. If you find a favorite counselor you can work with until your transfer or graduation. So consider counselor if ever need help.

    Making friends the teachers can help you out a lot when you want advise on school, or letters. Sometimes will also take a break between classes to take to you if you can catch them on time. The teachers can also help you out when you are struggling with your homework, they are paid to teach students so most of them do more than give a lesson of the day.

    Everybody takes their laptop with them, to be honest it is annoying. If you have a tablet I’d not so much annoying but it kind of still is. The first thing a instructor tells you in their syllabus on whether or you can have your laptop with you. Most often they do not. So your best idea that you have is have pen and paper. Unless you have a tablet that you are able to write on to save that paper. I have taken my laptop to school with me. It is big, annoying, heavy thing that I pretty much take with me when I have a long time between classes but it is still annoying. So if you need your laptop take when you need it, don’t haul it around with you everywhere.
  There is sometimes scheduled days when universities around mostly the state or around the country come to visit, and offer a way transfer to their school. Normally when it comes to a community college they offer you a major, that is the basis on what you want to study but when comes to universities visiting, the community college they can offer a more rounded structure for your major. So sign up for information, and talk to the rep. You may never know what you might receive from the school if they are interested in  you.  Plus on the non-scheduled days when a university is visiting sitting at a lonely both if it is a school that you are interested in, walk over to them and strike up a conversation.    

     People find this difficult to figure out. I have been working on visual art all of my life, but as a a senior in high school I fell in love with creative writing.  Choose something that you are inspired by, a lot of the time people change their majors have way through their time in school. Choose something that you love and think of a career that helps inspire who you want to be after you graduate.

     This is one of the best and cheapest forms of transportation that you can have. Sometimes when I bike to school I see people take the bus or drive to school when they are only two blocks away. Truth is, the school does not have a enough parking spots equal to students that go to the school. Biking and walking are healthy for you. Schools lately have been putting up more bike racks because more and more people are riding bikes. Bike thefts at school are also on the rise. So when you have learned a few places to put your bike, put bike in your favorite place that is surround by teachers and is more secluded from other bikes. Your bike will be less attracted to thieves.  Make sure you also securely lock up your bike.

This is from the experience. Sure have your coffee in the morning but when it comes to caffeine in the afternoon, skip it. When it comes to sugary soda, and you have hour and half class in the afternoon it will strike back at you. Half way through class you’ll want to go the bathroom and most often the teacher won’t let you. You’ll start to get more tired than you normally would because of the crash of caffeine and sugar. So when you are thinking about want pushing of caffeinated soda on just skip it.

   Not only just a tumbler but a water bottle. Most times you can go through class turning out to be really thirsty, so instead having to bother the teacher to get a drink a water, bring your own drink. Sometimes depending on the school you can go to the cafeteria and get ice water for free.

    I have never really used place because I never had much use for it. The tutorial center; if your school has one, hire students who go to school at the community college or the local university students to help others with homework or a individual project for classes. If your school has for free that is a great opportunity to take advantage of because the tutors are there to help you.

    If you these guys (they don’t normally come in  black) are wandering around your school, do not feed them. They are often scavengers that have been surrounded people since the were born or wander to the school. They may seem friendly but they just want your food. If you do give them food, give the fruits or veggies, instead of junk food though the may desire it more. But be cautious about them.
          This probably the best advise that I can give, to anyone on their community college adventure. It can help you find your way to who you are, what you want to be. Hopefully your choices in school, will inspire your future.


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