Friday's Favorite Things: About Me Edition vol 1.

2:46:00 PM Ariel Bloomfield 5 Comments

So I thought I would try something different this week and favorite things about me. I thought I would expand on somethings about me isn't what you already see on the blog. I do some more from time to time.
My favorite band- The Wombats
     Last year I tried so hard to see them in concert for my birthday but couldn't. I really love this band, when ever I'm feeling down I put them on and I feel so much better.
My Favorite Quote- 
This has to be my favorite quote from Neil Gaiman. When I feel like I did something wrong, I just remember this. I actually have a copy of it that was on my wall, I need to frame it.

Favorite kind of story- Science Fiction Future
      I love to read science fiction stories that are based in the future. Because we may never know what the future may hold for us. What inventions come out of books and become our reality. 
Celebrity Crush- Benedict Cumberbatch
   Yes I'm part of the Cumberbitches. When I saw this picture with these things about him I got even more excited. He collect stuffed owls?! I collect owls, but my stuffed animal collection involves aliens. lol

Favorite Item to Collect- Postcards
   I love to collect postcards. I don't know why, but to card from where you been or where relatives have been is so much fun. My collection has grown in the past few years. It's the one souvenir that I can afford. Plus who would love to see places from home to where you want to go.

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  1. I'm a Cumberbabe too!
    And I like The Wombats. The showed up on my The Rapture station on Pandora, and I was HOOKED!

    1. I discovered the wombats after watching Graham Norton one evening, like you I was hooked.
      How many names are there for fangirls of Benedict Cumberbatch? So far I've seen three. lol

  2. I loved Friday's favorite things! It gives me a little more insight. How about a Monday least favorite list, or a favorite Saturday Night list?....However I should make clear.......I am not a Cumberbitch.

  3. Oh, I hope you know Anonymous is me of ....Call me..

    1. Yes I do know it's you, mind you if do put email up, it not my fault if you get emailed by someone else other than me.


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