Alice in Wonderland artwork series part 1

12:51:00 PM Ariel Bloomfield 2 Comments

So I have been thinking about this for while but I would love to redraw this Alice and wonderland series of drawings that I have been working on for years. But I would to show my old work. All of these works are in color pencil. I have split into parts because there are so many pieces.

Alice in Wonderland
This one was the first one I did. When I first started it I was using the dress from Modcloth for the main idea. I want a mondern vibe to Alice but still wanted a victorian feel to her still. I love the giant chess pieces.

After the Rabbit
this one is the best  I could do of the of the rabbit. I really hope that when I redraw this series, it doesn't come out so crummy. I might work on it in photoshop.

The Chesire Cat
This my version of the Cheshire cat. I know it looks similar to the one of in Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland but I think that this one is fluffier.
Croquet with the queen 
This one is one of my favorites, Alice and The Queen of hearts playing croquet. I made the flamingo in queens hands basically bleeding to death. And the queen's Dress it's based of Marty LeGrow's queen dress. I would link you to the picture of it but I have no idea where it is.
I really want to redo these, hopefully by photoshop.
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  1. Your drawings are very good! I didn't know you were such a talented Artist as well. However I would say that the idea of a photo shop approach to your work would be a major mistake. It's those slight imperfections that define you as an individual Artist, and gives life to your artistic interpretation of the subject's you choose to pursue. Always remember that you are an Original, and your presentation is a direct reflection of you! and that's what will draw people to your work. The unique shading and slightly long gated characters you've chosen, as well as the shape, definition, and brighter colors, sets you apart from any comparison to burton's work. And the choice of Wonderland characters speaks to your soul..........

    Just between you and I, It makes me want you all that much more..

    1. I have been learning a lot with Photoshop. There are many works have done with Photoshop, and they have come out the way have wanted. I wanted to redraw them and then Photoshop the colors and the shades to finally establish series of artwork to sell.


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