What's New with You Nerdy Birdie: Feburary Edition

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Once again it's time for another round of what I have done this month. Where has the month of Feburary gone?

  • Around the blog - I'm hoping to start asking for sponsors shortly. So if anyone is interested, please comment. I will be setting up my advertise page soon, as my contact page. As for Ismene's advetures I haven't given up on that. I'm hoping on doing all different kinds of posts soon. Once it gets warmer I'm hoping on doing outfit posts. Right now the weather is un predictable. I really hope to bring fashion on to this blog. I have also been reading so I hope to put post up as well for that.

    • School-This month I have been really tired to focus on more than one thing. I have been focusing on the application process to transfer. If an of you guys know what it's like to transfer, obivously it's not as fun as it sounds.
    • Writing- writing has been a little slow I have written out a few ideas, but I have been focusing on my portfolio for my application and trying to work on ideas for my playwriting class. Even at that I have been having major writers block.

    • Home life-  I am hoping with in the month of March to start exercising more, and finish cleaning my room. I keep on getting new things to orgazining my things and I have been throwing away alot of stuff.
    • Social life- Once again I have nothing for this… 

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    1. The only input I would have on writer's block is to step away, and do something completely different to create some space for your thought process......As far as cleaning your room, Your on your own.....lol


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