The Lost World

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 *Sorry for the Hiatus- was trying to sort through some things*
Rows upon rows of red fabric covered seats line the theater. The lights above glow with a dim green as dinosaurs fight upon the screen brought alive with music played an orchestra of one. 

    If were to simplify the words of the place I was at Thursday night March 6th, those would be it. I spent my Thursday night in a sort of family movie night. Instead of spending so much money on tickets that could cost the price possibly one entire pay check, we got ours for free!

I was amazed by the theater that had have never bee to before. The theater was built in 1928, so it still has that 1920s elegance to it though it may have been remolded over the years. It felt like I was was stepping back in time.


The one thing that I found difficult stepping back in time, is long body small seats. Its never a good combination for me.
    We started with this old cartoon called Gertie the dinosaur. It is so adorable.I was able to find the cartoon and not the entire film.
  Then came the picture instead of audio of music being blasted through speakers, we actually had organ playing the music of both films. What I was excited about was Sir Arthur Conan Doyle appeared in the film!

 I really loved The Lost world, some of it was a bit cheesy especially when the main character male, went from being engaged to loving the girl he was helping out in just a few days.But if you want a film with dinosaurs but not as scary as Jurassic Park, watch the original Lost World that came out in 1925.

*pictures are not mine especially the one of the theater I was in. My batteries crapped out the second I got there.*

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