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    I’ve spent all month on the internet trying to figure out codes to help with the design of the blog. So far I’m still figure things out, so hopefully get they way I would like it.  I had everything basically done last night but this morning everything had gone to hell. After several hours I was finally able to some links and code the way I want it.
    Please let me know what you think about it.
    The inspiration for the color palette comes from a photo of space that I found on the internet.
I still trying to get a custom font in the post titles. I went for vibrant colors knowing that will stand out, plus I love blue colors.
As for my mascot, let me introduce you to Ismene!
ismene 1
     I’ve been wanting to create her for some time. Check out her page to learn more about her. (*Note* Still being worked on. Will have it up about next week.) She will be appearing in the banner every month or so in a different situation in my favorite fandoms. Ismene isn’t the only mascot that I have. I also have a baby mammoth named Lyuba who has been my personal mascot for a while. Lyuba is named after the perfectly preserved baby mammoth found several years ago, and had a Nat Geo  program based on her. Lyuba may make an appearance as well.  
line 2
For Christmas I’m also doing a 13 days of Christmas involving Ismene and fandoms. I’m kind of stuck though.
Here’s what got so far:
Warehouse 13 artifacts
10 flying keys
8 Avenger Dolls
7 of nine
6 of edaniel’s hats (look up Bizenghast)
4 Daleks baking
3 headed dog from Hades
2 consulting detectives
I’m going to keep one a surprise.
So if you have any ideas please I encourage it! I want to see what you come up with. Hope to start posting them up by December 12. I’ll keep trying to figure more.
line 2
In other news, I am glad that I have marked this off of my list 22 things before 23. 2 things down 20 more to go. I hope to work get things well organized and new posts and pages are on the way. If you can’t get to any pages apologies because I’m still sorting then out myself. School is coming to an end for the semester, so I’ve been a little swamped with everything. I hope to open my advertise page soon. If you are interested in sponsoring this blog before I figure out all the information, please contact me at: nerdybirdie.blog@gmail.com
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  1. I like your site! You did a FANTASTIC (in 9's voice) job!
    Would you share the sites you used for reference? I'm trying to do a make over as well!

    Seriously, its beautiful! The mascot is adorbs! Just subscribed via bloglovin' too :-)


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