Busy weekend

9:45:00 AM Ariel Bloomfield 0 Comments

    I had been busy last weekend and I hoped to have my 13 days of Christmas pics up two days ago, but I have been with the Christmas preview event this weekend at the meux home museum. As well as finals all week. So I will be doing the 13 days of Christmas ( I know there is 12) and create as a parted posts. I have some other Christmas posts planned as well. I’m trying to catch up on everything the best I can.  Excuse if I fall asleep in the middle of it.


Isn’t this display awesome? I go past this flower shop in my town that has amazing displays. I was walking with my aunt, when I saw the inflatable Dalek. It was displayed up for all of November for the 50th anniversary and all of December so far , every time I  went past it I thought I really need to get my camera and keep on forgetting. Yesterday after my final final I had my camera with me. It’s amazing how many whovians I have found here in one city, and at a community college.


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