The 12th Doctor has been announced!

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This is so exciting! 
   I was dissappoited when I heard that Matt Smith was leaving Doctor Who, actually was one on those people screaming "WHY?!" silently in my head; because no one else in my family likes the show. My Aunt loathes it. 
      When I heard the announcement of the new Doctor was going to be this weekend in fact today, unlike most people I jumped on the internet to found out who it was...
   *Warning: Contains the New Doctor Actor, if you wish to continue reading after the break.*

The Actor who is the 12th face of the Doctor is Peter Capaldi.
    If you don't know who Peter Capaldi is, he guest starred in the 2008 episode The Fires of Pompeii, as well as  Torchwood: Children of Earth as the devious John Forbisher.

    Ever since I heard this announcement I have been imaging on what he would be like as the new face of the Doctor. So far who have seen the Doctor to push the boundaries of himself and playing god. How far could he go this time?
    I kind of want to know how would his relationship to Clara would change, because during her time in the TARDIS Angie and Artie keep calling him her "Boyfriend". With a larger difference with the new Doctor, I hear some "Father" jokes that will be emerging from the kids. Then, again this is just an idea that popped into my head about ten minutes ago.
    And the Doctor is still not Ginger.

So what do you think the Peter Capaldi's version of the Doctor would be like?

 Congrats to Mr. Capaldi and the best of luck as the next Doctor!


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