Nerdy Birdie Shop Coming Soon!

10:00:00 AM Ariel Bloomfield 0 Comments

In the next coming month I will be setting indie biz online. Yes I know the shop is the same name as the blog, but to be honest I came up with the name of the shop before changed the name of my blog.  I’m starting with small things such as artwork created from construction paper, and miscellaneous item that are not handmade. I hope to move on to bigger items such as scrap fabric pillows and more!  I will let you guys know when I am officially open for business!
     If there is anyone who has advise for a blogger starting up her on shop, please comment. I am also asking for fabric scraps to make pillows. I am also lacking Photoshop which wish I had dearly, I missing having but have no code. I would do a lot more of artwork other than what I have created with construction paper.
*Note: The picture with the jewelry in the slide show is not mine, it was provide the website editor system to be used for example for pics.*


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