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  One of my dreams besides becoming a published novelist, is becoming a owner of a hole in the wall book shop. I love books an where else would I love to be but in a place that can fill me with inspiration. Surfing the internet I have many inspirations that could help bring together what I would want for a shop.
Book Shelves  are the most important thing to a book store, how else would costumers would find the book that they are looking for? Plus if you pile the books up the will fall each time a book is removed.
    Honestly though,  I would put secret walk ways in the bookshelves so I could find my way through sections to help a customer.
cd52336a88828952cf6a61f9ddc6f605 There are so many inspirations from other book shops for shelves, I wouldn’t  know which I would choose for my future book shop.
    I defiantly would want to fill the place from top to bottom with books, creating a world where almost ever book lover would be hypnotized by what they would want.


Furniture is the one things I would to keep people interested in the books. Because who wouldn’t want to relax in the store to read a book?
I love this circular bookshelf, not only it is a nice way to display the books but you can relax on the inside of the it to read in it.
Then again, I would be afraid that it would role if I tried to get a book from the top part of it, that be a disaster


 Who would want book chairs! I really want one for my bedroom, but I would never leave. These chairs make fall in love with books even more. I can stretch over and just find my next read.
   The chair to the right is neat, because it also has a possible place for you to put down your drink or food as you read, or possibly more books.
   The two on the bottom certain make book within only an arms reach. What a wonderful way to create more places for books and even relax.
   When I saw this I thought this was amazing. For people who can’t afford any books or when the have a few bucks, this a really good solution those who want a book at the middle night. You may never know when you want read.

     Book Blind Date:  Never Judge a book by it's cover...                                                                                                        
I love this idea! This would be a great thing to do when you have no idea what to choose at the book shop and you want something random, but the only you know is clues that it gives you.
I would defiantly put this on things to do!

And Last But Not Least…
 A Book Making Machine!
This can make any book lover drool. There are book vending machine but this one make the books in minutes! It’s called the Espresso Book Machine. Here’s how it works:

It is one of the most amazing things that I stumbled upon. What would you have in your book shop? Bloglovin' pinterest facebook Image Map


  1. Oh that white book chair is awesome! I can see myself never leaving it if I'd own it. Just perfection.

  2. wow the book machine is pretty cool
    and the book blind date sounds like worth to try.. I often do that.. guilty!

    The Sweetest Escape 

  3. Those book shops all look so awesome! :O


  4. Swoon!
    That first pic is amazing


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