Six days until my 22nd birthday!

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I have one week until my 22nd birthday!
   I have not finished my my list of 21 before I’m 22. Oh No! then again, some of things on my list I knew I could do. Here’s the list I need to finish:

1. Loose weight I gained high school.
I realize I need to make this goal more specific, and so I will.
2. Turn Nerdy Birdie into a successful blog.
I have changed, the layout to this blog and have made post that I think would suit me and my readers. I’m so glad about the response that I have gotten from my posts.
3. Make pumpkin whoopie pies
I made these last fall, and they were so good. Sorry I don’t have any pictures,they didn’t survive long enough.
4. Dye my hair copper color.
My hair has always gravitated towards a reddish hair color, I never got to find the money to buy the hair dye. But this still part of my goals.
5. Paint my nails a different color every other week.
I have been doing this, and my nail polish collection has grown and continues to grow.
6. Don’t have sugar for two weeks. except fruit.
this one has been difficult for me,
7. Read two books in a month.
I have read two
8. Go to civil war reenactment.
   I did get go to the civil war reenactment, I hadn’t been there in years. The pictures I took were so amazing, even after I messed with them to get this look. For more pictures look at:

9. See up to five movies in theaters.
I was glad when I finished this one, I never seen more than two in one year. Two I have bought DVDs for already. I am defiantly putting this on my list next time.
10.send a letter to my penpal in wales.
I have done this, she had received it. but unfortunately for me, I have never received hers. I wish there was a way to receive my letters from her, it’s nice to email her and talk to her on facebook. But who doesn’t love a written letter?
11. Start drawing my comics.
I have been on and off with this one, I have no photoshop so it makes it difficult, to even get looking the way that I want to.
12. Wear make-up more often.
This I have done, especially on the days I volunteer at the museum. Lately I have been running out of make-up
13. Create Stress free moments.
In the passed I have been so stressed and this year I have felt better as I have create moments that keep me from panicking. I don’t know what I did but I have less headaches.
14. Bake something of my own creation.
This I have yet to figure this out, I have had so many ideas in the past; it hard to know if they are already created.
15. Run almost every other day.
Where I live the weather changes every five to ten minutes so I hard to determine when to run. It is really annoying, when I did start running I had to stop because of the rim fire smoke in the air which made it horrible for anyone.
16. Finish 5 chapters of one of my novels
I have not been able to accomplish this no matter how hard I try. In fact I have re written one of my stories twice now. I hope to write five chapters next time.
17. Publish daily posts on Caged Birdie
Okay so maybe they haven’t been daily, but I’m working on it.
18. Read Catching Fire. Again.
I was glad to read this again, I have books 1 and 3. It made me cry. All the things that happen in the book series I hope they do well in the movies.
19. Draw everyday for a month.
I was going to start this, this past month, I was so busy with keeping up with school that I forgot. I might put it on my next list, I might not.
20. Watch all of the X-files. Beginning to end.
The X-Files #XFiles #TV #favouriteshows #SciFi
My Aunt and I started watching this in about September last year, and finished in about January or February. It was fun, I hadn’t seen the episodes since I was a kid, my father used to watch it. I remembered a few of them. There a lot of things from the 90s that stay stuck in my head and never leave, but has to be one of the main things that will stay, next to a few episodes of  star trek: next generation.

21. Create book storage boxes.
I have the perfect books for it, just I need to cut through a ton of pages. The books are huge, so they will be able to blend  with all the books that I have.
Ok, so maybe I have not want to finish some of them, it is and is not my fault. I trying to create a fairly easier list that I can hopefully achieve on finishing. Bloglovin' pinterest facebook Image Map


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