Apoligizes For the Mess....

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    Apologizes for the unorganized mess on Nerdy Birdie. I have been changing my old blog Caged Birdie for a few weeks now, and it has been tough to get on the internet with my own computer. (which as all my ideas on it.) I have been a family member's computer and honestly I hate dragging my flash drive back and forth.
   I have been trying to work without Photoshop for the past week, and it has been driving me nuts not having any money to pay for it.
    But I have posts planned for the next month, along with school. Some of my classes I have a big break in between so I have time to work on posts.  Please support this blog by following, on facebook, bloglovin, twitter and tumblr.
  I have also added a link to my stories on the left, be sure to check them out including my completed store Poison Apple! It's a modern day take on snow white, I also have a sequel planned for it. It's just a manner of writing it up. For the moment I have been working on a story for one of my major story so stay tuned for it.
  Oh and I hope you enjoy the self portrait drawing I did.I went through two ideas before, until I final got this one right. I'm not very good at drawing hands so fair warning...

Final Draft

Second Draft


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