Box of Gifts

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Saturday I celebrated 22nd my birthday. This was honestly the best way to describe my gifts because they fit into one box.DSCF3616DSCF3617
The one thing I enjoyed most about gifts is lovely .pair of combat boots, in my Size! I have big feet, I amazed that I can boots in my size. It’s always difficult to find any cute shoes in a size 11 but when I do they are far out of my range when ever I have money.
I didn’t do much for my birthday, my mother and brother came down from Nevada; she also went the fair the next day. I did get to sit and watch Star Trek: Insurrection while my aunt made us dinner that was started out lunch but shopping for food took a while.
As for my list of 22 things to do before I’m 23 has not been completely written, but this is going to be a year of metamorphosis for me. I realized this as I am writing down the list.

*Sorry for the crummy lighting on the pictures, it takes too much effort to get light in my bedroom.* Bloglovin' pinterest facebook Image Map

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