Tv based outfits: Penny Dreadful

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As way to give a break book covers and to also find new ones. I though I would  do a couple on my favorite characters from Penny Dreadful.
Vanessa Ives
Vanessa Ives based outfit

Black maxi dress / Astoria black bridal shoes / Beaded gemstone jewelry

Vanessa Ives played by Eva Green is such an amazing character. She struggles with her inner self and her demons that she still seems so mysterious as a character. I can't wait to see what happens to her next season!

Ethan Chandler
Ethan Chandler based outfit 

White ruffle top / Vest waistcoat / High waisted black pants / Lace up shoes / The Cambridge Satchel Company red leather satchel

Ethan Chandler is just a mysterious as Vanessa Ives. I had a theory about him at the beginning of the season about him at the end it turns out I was correct! If you haven't seen the show I'm not going to spoil anything. you'll have to see it yourself.

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