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So I have been doing a few designs on RedBubble lately. I’ve been working on some more designs to sell. If you wish buy these designs on t-shirts click on the pictures of them
I like this design. It’s based off of Hitchhiker’s guide to the Galaxy. I might improve on it but I have not figured out yet.  I created this because I would love this as a t-shirt design. Actually I might fix it a little bit.

fc,550x550,asphalt.u3This one had been in my head for quite some time. Inspired by Warehouse 13. To be honest I want this T-shirt but I have no money to buy it.  I was thinking when I designed having one font but created into to show the past and the present since Myka is from the present and H.G. is from the past.
     I couldn’t help create this design. I wish it was a bit different but this is the best one I could come up with. It was my favorite moment from the Time of the Doctor.

       I am currently working the second chapter for 221B. I was hoping to get a response on the first chapter. I would like hear what you guys think of it, so I can improve on it.Please check out the first chapter here.
      I’m working on a sci-fi story as well, creating a language for it and an entire new culture for it. I was thinking about doing a series of posts about writing the story. So far I have only created a few words but there is no way have figured full sentences for it yet.
     I currently started school again, I will get to finish Ismene’s adventures soon. I have been trying to get myself in a schedule.
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