Goals for 2014 on Nerdy Birdie

9:30:00 AM Ariel Bloomfield 0 Comments

So I haven’t been able to feel well the past few days. Nor has the rest of my family, but I have been working on things for this year. Here’s a list of what have planned for 2014
  • open up my advertise page
  • set up awesome geek girls page (will be explained later)
  • Finish working on Ismene’s page and her adventures.
  • Launch outfit posts
Speaking of Ismene’s adventures I have been working here first adventure besides the Christmas ones which I would like to redo. If you haven’t noticed in the banner above, it gives you a hint of Ismene’s adventure. To remind you Ismene is the owl.
ismene adventure sp1preview
Also a new thing I’ve added a to the blog:
new feature
There is a widget to some of my products from redbubble to right. I’m working on more designs, if anyone is interest in them you can click on the pictures or check out the rest of portfolio.


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