What’s New With You Nerdy Birdie? January edition

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This is a new monthly post I’m creating to give update of what’s happening with me over a month in a summarized post.  I’ve created this in case I don’t get the chance for any updates.
  • Ismene’s Adventures -Apologies of not posting an Ismene adventure but I will have it up in February. I did say would be updating it every month or so.

13 days 11
  • School-  I just started school earlier this month, I’m pretty sure some you guys have as well. I’m still trying to get up for my 9 am classes. It is exhausting. I’m also applying for a university. The hardest part: building a portfolio of my best writing. If you guys have any tips on portfolios please comment.
        If you’re a new student at a community college like me (been going for years now) Check out my tips post.
  • Writing-
I have finished writing down by hand, Chapter 2 of 221 B. I have been thinking of rewriting chapter one. I would like to hear opinions about the chapter. In other writings I have been developing a language, it’s really hard to figure out. I
  • Home life- I’m trying to clean my bedroom as well as trying to shrink down my items.  As in getting rid of paper and things. Does anyone know what to do with old textbooks, particularly ones I can’t sell back. Believe me I’ve tried.  I’ve also figured out a theme to my bedroom, Space and Time. Not in the sense of Doctor Who (ok  maybe just a little bit) but I love space and love periods of time and vintage things. I have a budget of about $0 and the moment so, I’m just using what I have to try create something.  I even found a cute dinosaur  that I painted gold and put a sign in his hands.rawr
  • Social life- I got nothing for this…

    .I’m hoping to get a giant list of things done, and I’m wanting to put up more posts and I’m working on things for school. I’m just trying to catch up with myself.
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