Friday’s Favorite Things

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favorite things
Time for a new year of Friday's favorite things. I miss doing this. click the picture to follow the link.
This is currently my quote of the moment. I have been writing like crazy.
This hair style looks good, I only hope that if I attempt to do it my hair will stay up.

I have made this breakfast potato dish a couple of times. It’s really good. The only thing that is missing from it is bacon when I make it.

I totally want to make one of these for my room. I could almost choose any picture that wanted. I don’t know which one.

I want to find these guys at the dollar store, then again I would like to play investable betrayal with them. I always do with any dinosaur that I have. Now I’m on a mission to look for these guys for this DIY. 

Aww….the Holmes family. Benedict looks so much like his parents.

I totally want to try this outfit. I really wish I had a sewing machine because I would love to make that corduroy jacket and my own clothes.

   This is so funny. I want to see it. I love the part when he is shooting at the bottles, nothing happens when gets close to them and just knock them down instead.
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  1. They did a good job casting Mr. And Mrs. Holmes! I liked them!
    And that Hobbit door necklace is divine!

  2. This post was just full of FUN. <3 :) love it!


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