Clara "The Snowmen" Hair Tutorial

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I have been wanting to this tutorial for quite some time now. I find it hard trying find a to take pictures of it. I have been using this style every time I go volunteer to give tours. Since the place I volunteer at is a Victorian home, why not a similar style. I had been trying to figure out how to do this hair style for while.

I studied how the hair twisted, and how it was put up by looking at the pictures and watching the episode. My hair could never be as great as her's but I could at least try. My hair is very temperamental so I will post up another version of this later.

1. The first step is fairly simple. You need to split your hair down the center, otherwise everything would come out uneven. Then you take the front part of your hair on one side of the center and twist inward (towards the top of your head.) Do not take any more up as you twist. Pin your hair in the back center, as well as some where in the twist. Repeat for the other side.
*Small advice before doing his hair style. Hair should be washed the before. If hair is washed the same day when you are working on it, it will not to stay up and dry. (at least my hair does this.)*

2 Take the rest of your hair and start twisting it up. Pin it at different angles on both sides.

3. And last but not least, take the bottom twisted hair that you just pinned and make a bun on top of your head. Make sure you pin the bun as well because then it will all fall apart.

Sorry for the crappy Photoshop,  I took pictures in the bathroom, because it was the only place that had great lighting. I hope you enjoyed my tutorial of Clara's "The Snowmen" hair. I hope to another version of this in the future.

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