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     A few months ago I talked to you guys about my GoFundMe campaign and how I'm raising money to help pay for school.
     So far I have received nothing. It has been a real struggle to get me to a place where I feel comfortable who I want to be. For those who have followed me over the years have known my struggle to reach the school that I am now. I have been changing habits about myself being at this school. I am currently finding myself between a rock and a hard place.
      Upon setting up my GoFundMe Campaign I had expectations to raising a little bit of my goal but nothing has happened. I worked over the summer and received some money to help pay my bills. Unlike those around me, I have not gone shopping for new clothes; though I'm in desperate need of a new pair of jeans. I have not had a single pizza, even though I have smelt when others get it. And I have applied to several jobs with no success. I have given up a lot while going to school. I even gave up buying a Halloween costume to wear at an art school just so I would have enough money. Every day I hope to to receive a phone call for a job interview from the 20+ I have applied to, at night I find myself crying myself knowing I one day closer to being unable to pay my school bill.
     I am reaching out to you guys as my audience because some of you are struggling students like me and all I'm asking for is a little bit of help for the next couple of months. My overall goal is $5000 dollars but my current aim is $500. Why $500 at the moment?
     This because I only wish to pay my school bill, for the next couple of months (which is under $110 a month) and get some toiletries like shampoo and conditioner. That is all that I wish for. The bill currently goes towards my meals mostly. If I'm unable to pay that I would be able to have anything to eat. I would like to pay the $800+  that I have left to pay at once just so I don't have to think about it it the rest of the year.

 I also started one for Christmas in hoping I can get back to California and see my Cat who is barely a year old.
     There has been a lot that I have given up, and I'm afraid that I will lose it all, if I'm unable to work anything out. I have been hoping something good will happen.
     There are other ways you can help as well, by buying something from my Red Bubble and buy an ad to promote your business or blog.

You can find the Campigns Here:
My Next Chapter:
Help Get Me Home For Christmas:

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  1. Hang in there!

    I have been in your situation countless times! Have you tried applying for financial aid? FAFSA, or even getting a loan? That's helped many students pay for school and living expenses. I understand if getting a loan is something that seems unreasonable, but if you are struggling this much, they may be necessary.

    Also check on campus too! If you apply for financial aid, you can get work study which allows for a paycheck and to go towards paying tuition!

    I hope this advice helps as I am a college student who is low on funds too.

    1. I have financial aid and I have loans from financial aid. I do qualify for work study but I missed a couple chances for a couple of jobs because I had to wait for my resume to be approved by the school. The rest of the jobs were for a major that I am not part of. I applied to the ones I could have been trying to ever since.

    2. I would not like to get a loan from a bank because of the ones from financial aid.
      Thanks for the advice though.

  2. Hi, Ariel! I'll try to donate in the very near future. Please know I have been in your situation before, penniless, nearly homeless, trying to go to school, giving up or saving every dollar here and there to take care of my dog or help my mom with rent/groceries. I managed to make it out, barely but it's possible! You are strong and being proactive towards finding work is a good thing even if it feels hopeless. *hugs* I wish you all the best and will be sending you positive thoughts.

    1. Thank you so much. I am in a place that is far from my family. So I'm afraid that if i lose this opportunity to study my dream major I don't know will do. I worked so hard to get to this point I don't want it to be taken away after a semester. Again thank you so much. Please spread the word about my campaigns.


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