5 Reasons Why I Love Da Vinci's Demons

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    I first encountered this show when I found the DVD of the first season at the library I instantly fell in love with it. It explores an made up lost history of young Leonardo Da Vinci's life in Florence and his relationship with the Medicis. I don't want to go into to much before getting my list.

5. Renaissance Florence

     What better place than renaissance Florence? Florence was the place where people made a name for themselves during that time. In verrochio's workshop you can see Michelangelo's David head in the background. It is unknown how many artista are in the workshop, but if look in the background who might see who else is there besides Da Vinci.

    Leonard's personal studio tells a story itself through out the show, and one point in the show it called cursed because so much has happened there.
4. Historical Figures (characters) 

      Considering the show is based on a historical figure itself, their is a large cast of characters that were real people and those who are made up. They all play a major aspect in Florence itself. Besides Leonardo there is the Medicis. Lorenzo the magnificent and his wife Clarice Orsini (played by Sherlock's Irene Adler actress Lara Pulver). Leonardo apprentice Nicco is a significant character within in the series his identity revealed until the second season. (not spoiling it for those who haven't seen it) His journey in the show deals with a certain rules of conduct for Prince to follow. One of my ancestors shows up in it, but not the way he is written in history. Vlad Tepes Dracula, (yep my ancestor is Dracula) The chose a part of him that was put in the show is more towards the vampire side of that we all know him as. There are a whole lot of other characters, I love how they put them together.

3. Leonardo's Imagination

One of my favorite things about the show is how Leonardo's mind is put on display as a character all in its own because sometimes we wonder what can go in in head like but then again they have done this for artists on tv shows (like Van Gogh's mind on Doctor Who when describes the stars.) It's a nice detail that they put into the show that show people what is going on the mind of the Da Vinci that is seen in his notebooks and sketches.

2. The Plot

    The plot is my favorite part of all this. Though the plot may be short termed as compared to history. It is unknown what age Da Vinci is when the show starts, but when you look at his history it might be at age 22 or 23. In the second season since it does take place after Columbus, the explore the idea of South America. The sons of mithras are a major plot point through out the series, and serve as the ultimate goal for Da Vinci quest of who is in the world. The Myth of Icarus is also a centered in the plot as it is mention a lot with in the show and is shown as the them to the seasonal posters. (Shown above)

1. Leonardo Da Vinci 

     I had to go with the scene where he makes a grand entrance in the Pope's Bath. Leonardo Da Vinci is one of my favorite historical figures. They play on a lot of aspects on his life like who his friends were and who he was associated with. They even play with the aspect of why he never married or had children,  because he had a one true love that left him as the man as we know him today. Tom Riley bring life to a character the we can imagine played humor on his genius as well as ability to fight with swords in both hands. The bring to light a man who was ahead of his time. Leonardo is a well rounded character who keeps finding who is in society. I would think that if he was to see our world today he would be like Van Gogh in Doctor Who.

I went in depth with this list that is because I love this show. It may be a made up history. But it creates a history that brings in the mind of someone who is well known but still a mystery to us all.

If you were to create a tv show on a historical figure that hasn't been on tv yet, who would you choose? What would you do for their story?

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  1. I haven't seen this show, but... it looks good! :D :D I will give it a shot! Thanks! <3



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