100 Days of Being Geek Chic and Healthy Week 8: Games! Games! Games!

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Sorry about being late on this post. I have binge watch Da Vinci's Demons. This week I find hard because I am combining video games and board games. I find it hard because I am not a gamer not do I have the money for board games. Over the past few years one of the things that I have seen as video games become part of geek culture. So I thought it would be perfect to combine both video games and board games.

Day 50: If you could choose a game to be your life what would it be?

Day 51: Choose a couple of video game characters and create a real life outfit based off of them.

Day 52: What is favorite childhood board game? Why?

Day 53: Choose your favorite video game and board game and create outfits based on them.

Day 54: What video game character are you similar to? Why? (Choose one different from the one you could be in.)

Day 55: If you could try out a new board game what would it be?

Day 56: (If you have played cards against humanity.) What would be you favorite black card and white card combination?

I've tried my best to come up with this week's daily prompts. So if you have any other ideas for this weeks theme, go ahead and change it...like I said I don't play board games and video games. I wish I did. So let me know what you wrote this week.
     I will be making sure a recap post on all that has happened throughout 100 Days of Being Geek Chic and Healthy.

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