Comic Book Lady Ispired Outfits: Jean Grey, Supergirl, Nebula and Enchantress

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Happy Monday!

I loved working these outfits last week I thought work on some more. This week I have Jean Grey, Supergirl, Nebula and Enchantress.

Jean Grey based outfit

T shirt / Moon Collection button down cardigan / Green pants / Green shoes / Bead jewelry / American sunglasses

I thought I would a do an outfit based on her Phoenix one. Making it more simple to wear. 

Supergirl based outfit

Boho chic top / A line skirt / Red shoes / Leather handbag

Okay so this may not be one of the outfits she wears in comic books but still think it's a great outfit that shows primary colors with white. I went with a yellow bag, because the detail of not a major part to the outfit.

Nebula based outfit

Long sleeve cardigan / Bow top / Party pants / Round toe booties

I went with the new movie version of Nebula, because I have to admit I am excited for Guardians of the Galaxy. And Karen Gillan is badass. I tried to come close the colors as much as I possibly could. The color of the shoes is called plum.

enchantress based outfit

Strap dress / Heels & pumps / Leather cross body purse / Blue jewelry

I don't much about enchantress, but I thought a dress would go perfect for her out fit. The little tiny blueish pendant on the side, totally reflects the glow in the picture.

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