Heroic Women

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I have been thinking about this post all week. It was hard to narrow down. I don’t play many video games so that leaves me books, sci-fi, fantasy and Anime. As for my Historic lady I have been fighting about to figures. For my Fictional ladies I finally figured out the two.

     Amy Pond
    So the first of those women is Amy Pond. Ever since she first premiered on Doctor Who, she has been an inspiration on who I would like to be. (Minus the traveling through time and space.) She has a never ending spirit and love. She is realistic woman, living in a strange world but loving it all the time.
Amy pond based outfit

    There are so many outfits wanted to create. But I love her Pineapple dress.  I do have the pineapple on my Polyvore. I wanted to do one similar to it. I like this crystal print dress that I thought would fit with a bit Amy's personality.

    Buffy Summers
     I am a nineties kid. Though I have spent almost nine years in that decade there are things that I still remember. One of them is Buffy Summers, I was maybe about five- six years old when appeared on our screens as valley girl kicking vampire butt; as well as falling in love with them, before they sparkled. I think she is why I still love vampires. Buffy should that she was average teenager, but one who saved the world.

buffy based outfit

For an modern Buffy could help but go with an outfit that she might wear at the cemetery.  plus I added a Buffy's accessories.

    Hypatia is my historical Lady. She was the last of the pagan philosophers of Alexandria. She was on of the first women to study and teach philosophy, mathematics and Astronomy. She woman of many firsts. Hypatia pushed the boundaries of a woman of science as Christians began surround her world. Unfortunately she did not have a peaceful death but a violent one. As Christians destroyed the Library of Alexandria, because she was still a pagan woman as well a woman of knowledge; they that was a witch and striped of her clothes, was stoned to death; dragged around Alexandria (depending which thing you read.) and burned after her death.  Sad yes but defiantly pushed the boundaries as well as my other choice I was working between Boudica.

Hypatia themed outfit

White evening dress / Sling back sandals / Gold leaf headband / Astronomy 101 | Mod Retro Vintage Books | ModCloth.com

    I created the outfit more towards the ancient roman toga, obviously with a modern day twist. The sandals matched what I wanted to go with because the look like something that she could have worn. 
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