New Monster heart collection!

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So I have been working on this collection for a while, but I always put it off to the side. I would find and again put of to the side, finally I thought I need to work on this collection. The collection is called Monster hearts, because they are hearts designed to look like monsters. The first of my collection that I started with was a Mummy.
    From  there I continued other varieties, I have yet to get to more that have drawn finished.  I'm selling t-shirts, phone cases, pillows and totes of the collection on Redbubble. I hope to create a duvet cover with all of them shortly.  Please check out my Redbubble for the collection.

Included in the collection so far:
  • mummy heart
  • purple monster heart
future and working on monster hearts:
  • vampire
  • dragon
  • werewolf
  • creature from the black lagoon
  • yeti/ bigfoot
  • frankenstein
  • robot
  • and many more!
    I hope to create hearts beyond the monster series. Please help support this collection.

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