100 Days of BGC&H Week 2 Challenge: Heroic Women

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     Moving towards the geek side of things, I have asked the other bloggers and even myself; Who do you idolize?

     Women characters in past few decades have become stronger figures in our culture. Previously known as the Damsel in distress, are now the saviors of mankind. I chose Wonder Woman as example of one of those figures in culture that has become an influence in our world.

      If you take a look at women in history; women who were noticed were the ones that pushed the boundaries of the world of men. These women were able to keep their standing within history or were erased.

    There were two parts that I asked for this challenge:
 1) Choose three women that inspire you. Two from comic books, sci-fi, fantasy, novels, video games, anime. One woman from History. Why do these women inspire you?

     2) Create a three outfits based on all three. (one each)

If any other bloggers would like to try this challenge, go on ahead. Please send me a link, I would love to who you chose.
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