Nerdy Birdie Bookshelf Review: Fangirl

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Sorry about me skipping out on Friday's Favorite things. I have been having an emotional week. The one thing that has kept me sane was reading Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell.
 I love this book! It's too bad I had check out of the library and don't have a copy of my own to put on my actual bookshelf. The writing is very great in the sense those who have read would think in the same way it's written. Fangirl is written in third person but makes me think that it was written in first person. 
    I can relate to Cath on the everything about writing, but once I started to write outside of fan fiction. I realized that  it is a whole new world and I can not stop. On the note of first love, I have never been on a date or a relationship with a boy. (yes I admit it.)
    Fangirl was a great book to savor writing, even after having terrible things happen in a day. Hell,  I even woke up and read it just before I officially got up to go a shower before class.
   For those of you haven't read the book yet, here's a brief summary:
Cath is a major Simon Snow fan. She writes a fan fiction based on the too main character, that is becoming very popular other fans. As Cath and her twin sister Wren start college, they begin their separate lives after Wren doesn't want them to be roommates. As Cath attends a fiction writing class all that she can think about is her Simon Snow fan fiction. Besides dealing with issues of family life, her roommates ex-boyfriend (presently best friend) always hangs around. As the last book of Simon Snow series makes it come to a close, a beginning to her life starts. 

 I tried summarize this best I can with out giving to many spoilers. I give this book the Nerdy birdie seal of approval. (gonna work on the seal of approval.) lol. 

Next book: The Bone Season  
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