Book Cover Outfits: The Giver and The Map of Time

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The Giver cover based outfit

The Giver cover based outfit by nerdybirdiegirl featuring
Slate in the Day Top /Welcomed Return Pants/ /Follow the Arrow Flat in Taupe/ Cambridge Satchel Upwardly Mobile Satchel in Oxblood - 15 inch/ Twisting Tree Necklace
   The Giver is one of my favorite stories. I really wanted to make the outfit for this one. I knew the outfit was going to be very simplistic and gray. But doesn't mean I don't have to make it cute!

The Map of Time cover outfit

This one was a tough to create into a modern day outfit. Since I takes place in Victorian London, there is so much I could choose. I chose a lacy dress because it keep the elegance of the Victorian era, but also the modern. As for the accessories, I went for more of a steampunk style. The shoes, I had a difficult choice of, I want to do a Victorian boot but I went an Edwardian "gibson" shoe  from American Duchess. The shoes I wish I had money for as give tours. I really want these but they are not in my size.

I'm starting to love these posts. I love creating the outfits based on book covers. Some I have read so for some I have not.
   If have any covers that you would like to see as an outfit please comment below!

*This post includes affiliate links from both Modcloth and American Duchess.*

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  1. I like the fashion choices you've made. However you have yet to wear a dress for me. And I have been waiting a long time to see how good you look in one!!!!

  2. And I don't mean a dress that just shows me your ankles. I wanna see a dress that shows me a lot of leg!!

  3. I absolutely adore your book cover outfits. So creative and well done! I've nominated you for a Liebster Award over at my own blog.


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