Today is my 23rd Birthday!

9:30:00 AM Ariel Bloomfield 2 Comments

     Taking a blast from the past for a moment. Don't I look cute with my barbie cake?
     So today is my 23rd Birthday. I need to take a deep breath on where I am at the moment.
      I'm not really talking about my life, but as a blogger. When I started in about 2009, I didn't exactly know what to with the blog that I was creating. When I reached my life in college I found a passion for it that I did expect on having until I know I wanted to study creative writing.

     As almost an entire two years have passed since I changed Caged Birdie to Nerdy Birdie have found who I am more, but I am struggling on who I want to become.
     The reason I have called my blog Caged Birdie in the first place is because I felt like I couldn't get out of a hole that did not say who I truly wanted to be. When I changed it Nerdy Birdie I found out that I am not alone on my journey of finding my inner geek/ nerd.

     So in a way this post is a salute to how have changed over my 23 years, from a shy little girl who loved Disney, to a woman has found a place in her life over the struggles of being a geek and finding that she is not alone. Bloglovin' pinterest facebook Image Map


  1. Happy Birthday! (And Hi! I found your blog via the Geek Girl Bloggers community.)

    Yeah, I found college was a great time to find myself and my nerdy interests, too. And I think no matter the age, we are all in a constant journey to find out more about ourselves -- because our lives change, and we change with them, right?

  2. Love the barbie cake! And happy birthday too!


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