23 Things To Do Before My 24th Birthday: A Year of Metamorphosis

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    So it is that time of year where I tell you my list of things I want to do for the year. I know I had the idea of metamorphosis for my 22nd year, but I was pretty much stuck. Stuck on who I am now and not ready but who I want to be.
     I have always sat in the shadows, dreaming to be something more than a girl with big ideas.
     So for my 23rd year I am taking a stand on my former self. My life now has always led me to a boring state in my life, where I'm tired of being this way. I've never been adventurous; I have tried to do things but never have finish them. I still want to be more than an ordinary girl, that stuck in the shadows.
  I am a writer, an artist, a whovian, and a geek.

 I hope to finally discover myself in this journey, of completing this list.
  1.  Try to loose up to 5 pounds a month
  2. Read 20 books I haven't read before.
  3. Publish every post I write in my notebook.
  4. Open up End Of The Universe.
  5. Dye my hair Copper red
  6. Self-publish my first novel
  7. Go to a movie premiere
  8. Buy a comic book almost every month
  9. Publish my Last Girl of Gallifrey comic
  10. Earn my driver's license
  11. Buy 3 to 4 DVDs
  12. See up to 4 movies in theaters
  13. Start my Junior year at a University
  14. Don't drink soda for 6 weeks
  15. Participate in NaNoWriMo or write novel in a month
  16. Sew a costume for the first time of my design
  17. Revamp 100 Days of Being Geek Chic & Healthy
  18. Write 5 short stories
  19. Create banner every month on Nerdy Birdie
  20. Get my first tattoo (and don't hesitate about it)
  21. Drink a bottle of wine all by myself (not all at once)
  22.  Go to a convention
  23. Create a Smash* book on this list
    So  here is my explanation behind the ideas of this list. After the jump.

1. Try to loose 5 pounds a month

    I know put this on my list every year, but I want to try something different instead of a total weight I wanted a goal I could complete every month. I wanted to create a journal to keep track of my journey weekly, I don't want to try a food journal because I really don't want to keep track on what I eat, just my achievements through it.

2. Read 20 books I have never read before

    I love books and I know there are a lot of books that I have not read yet. So you guys can recommend 20 book I have not possibly read yet, please let me know. If you'd like to mail me your recommendation please comment.

3. Publish every post I write in my notebook

     So I have this habit writing my post on paper and I don't get around to publishing them. So I'm going to make a change to that. I'm going to type them up, each one that I first write on paper and publish when I finish them a couple days later.

4. Open up End of the Universe

     So I have already opened up End of the Universe yes, but I would like to get more products on it to actually sell what I want to sell. I'm new to this indie biz world and my goal for this indie biz is to save money for my last two years of college.
     I really also want to make jewelry on my Monster Hearts and Maybe on Ismene and Lybua too.

5. Dye my hair Copper Red

    This one has been my list for a very long time. But over the years high school  I dyed my hair several times, nothing to outrageous. I've gone dark brown (not doing that again), light auburn, auburn with black for the bottom layer. So I have always gravitated around a red hair color, but I want to see what I would look like with hair color that matches on how I really wanted it.

6. Self-publish my first novel

     I know that this is a long winded goal even for me, but I want to at least try. I don't know which one of  my stories I'm going to do. I hope you guys will support me on this adventure and I may do a series of posts on it.

7. Go to a Movie Premiere
     What I mean by is  a midnight premiere. Sad isn't it?
    I have never had the chance try something that everybody else had. There have been many movies that I would want to go see when midnight would hit, but my parents never did that with me. This has been one of those childhood dreams.

8. Buy a comic book almost every month

     So I have always loved comic book characters, but never had the chance to own comic books. I do own manga, but I know it's sometimes not the same. When I got hold of a Buffy the Vampire Slayer comic book I thought; I totally need to collect these because then I can get rid of my Teen Vogue magazines, as I phase out of that part of my life. If I could save for one or two comic books a month that would be amazing.

9. Publish Last Girl of Gallifrey

So I have mentioned this over and over this year about my Doctor Who based comic called Last Girl of Gallifrey. I've been working on it slowly but I want start it on November 23. That's right day the show premiered 51 years ago.  I hope to also make it into a print comic if I figure everything out.

10. Earn my driver's License
    That's right I do not have on. I have never found it necessary to need one. Until I started to get involved more with the place I volunteer at and the school I want to go to. The thing is the car that we have sucks and I can't afford to go to driving school.
    I do not wish to give up this goal even if it may take me time to get a car of my own. My dream car is the Impala from Supernatural, but I can go with a Prius instead.

11. Buy up to 3 to 4 dvds

     This is one of my goals from last year. I didn't get the chance to do it last year, but let's try it for this year.

12.  See up to 4 movies in theaters

    I reduced this down from last year because in the past year I only got to see one.

13. Start my junior year at a University out of State

     So last year I mentioned about getting in a school for my dream major Creative Writing. Now is the time I have to organize everything look for scholarships, to figuring out how to get there.

14. Don't drink soda for 6 weeks 

     So I have bit of a bad habit of drinking soda when I have a dollar. Well currently I'm broke but sometimes I don't want to drink soda but sometimes I end up doing so. I often have a water bottle with me but I do get tired drinking water all the time, and I crave the sugar. So for 6 weeks I'm going to try not to drink soda, no matter where I go or what I have.

15. Participate in  NaNoWriMo 

Last year I tried to participate in national novel writing month in November. I failed to finish my novel but this year I'm hoping to finish one from start to finish, and I mean it.

16. Sew a costume for the first time of my design
    So one of the things I like to do and I have mentioned before is that I like to design my own costumes. I would like to see one of them emerge from the page. There are two in particular but I want to do the simpler one first.

17. Revamp 100 Days of Being Geek Chic & Healthy
So this year I had been working finding ways to live a less stressful and healthy life. I plan to do more next year, I'm not going to spill any ideas at the moment but I do have big plans for next year

18. Write five short stories

     This was on the list year,but in order to get myself focused on writing more I want to write five stories They may range from different genres I don't know as of yet.

19. Create a banner for each month on Nerdy Birdie

    So I have been creating different banners for this blog almost a year now Starting from this month I will be creating a banner each month. I hoped to do this from the beginning of the makeover, I have been very busy. I am going to draw everything ahead of time and set up for the next month, all the banners will be on the meet Ismene page.

20. Get my first tattoo (and do not hesitate)

    I admit that I am a wimp. I would like to get that out of my mind for at least for my first tattoo. I been gathering ideas on what kind of tattoo I want. This is one reason to my metamorphosis idea; to show others I can do something a bit outrageous but now is considered a norm.

21. Drink a bottle a wine (not all at one)

    I'm not much of a alcohol drinker In fact I did go out to drink on my 21st birthday. It took me a while. In august I tried some wine, and I thought it was good. So why not try having a entire bottle of wine and drinking it slowly.

22.Go to a convention

     I know this seems a bit far fetched for me, and not. I am currently volunteer for the local comic convention upon which, the hours that I work, I get to go for free. I am so excited! I haven't went to a convention since 2007, and that was my very first. I'm still a noob. Do any of  have advise for me?

23. Create a Smash* book on this list

     If you don't know what Smash* is. It already prepared scrapbook all you have to do is glue things in it. I will do a post on my current one. I really want to do based on my adventures of this list.

     I love writing this list every year, hoping to finish it. I really hope to finish it my 23rd year. I hope you I can get your guys full support on this.
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  1. For #8, check out digital comics! Some are only 99 cents and there are even some free comics out there as well!

  2. Oh man, NaNo is just right around the corner I realized. x_x I didn't finish either but hopefully you get to 50k this year!


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