TV show outfits: Reign and Agents of SHIELD

9:30:00 AM Ariel Bloomfield 2 Comments

I thought I would do a special post because this week we have season finales all week long. I thought I would do outfits on my two favorite shows.

Style of a queen

BB Dakota white dress / Wedding shoes / Statement necklace / Eugenia Kim hair accessory

I have said before on how much I love this show. And I will say it again. I Love this show. It was hard to find the perfect dress based around Reign that was more towards the style of the show rather than the time. I love the clothes of the era.  I was excited to find one of the crowns and ring Queen Mary wears in the show. Who wouldn't love dress as queen?

new agent

Embellished top / Jack bb dakota jacket / Short boots / Locket pendant

Not a people are a fan of Agents of SHIELD. I could not get enough of this show. Though it may have had it's ups and downs. I still couldn't help tuning just to see what would happen to Coulson. I based this outfit on Skye. I think she is a character that is to figure out who she is, but knows what she likes to wear.

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  1. Been wanting to get into Reign, everybody looks so pretty, haha! Maybe I can catch up now that all the seasons are ending.

  2. I know I'm bias, but I prefer the dresses from your last post! ......Speaking of which...When are You gonna start sporting some dresses for the summer?


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