In My Free Time: Designing Costumes

12:09:00 AM Ariel Bloomfield 2 Comments

     One of my favorite things I like to when I'm having writer's block. I always seem to come up ideas for costumes. I always imagine them and draw them out in order get them out of my head. I draw them out and color them to know what color I would like (does it with caution.) Like my writing I have papers every of designs for many costumes. I even come up with character names, if they are my own characters.

     I would love to make this costumes come to life one day and wear them myself. I can see them as a outfit, but like everybody, else I struggle with trying to make them to reality. Hell, I have been working on the same Bizenghast cosplay for years now. I really wish I could finish it.

     I don't know why I design these costumes, but outside of art and writing, there are some days that I wish I had a sewing machine and want sew. I would love to make my own clothes, I design those too sometimes.
    What do you do in your free time?

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  1. Really admire the cosplayers who make a bunch of costumes throughout the year! I like making crafts in my spare time, usually Rainbow Loom stuff or jewelry making.

    1. I haven't made any my costumes so far, I have only designed them.


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