Sugar Fueled Coma Christmas 2014

12:03:00 PM Ariel Bloomfield 1 Comments

    This year's coma Christmas almost didn't happen this year, but when things began change it was any uplifting happy moment.

     I got a toy for Dusty, which broke after a couple of days, upon which I got another one and wrapped it up. I then decorate the small tree that my grandfather got with plastic baubles because Dusty started playing with it and was better than glass ornaments.

    On Christmas I put a bell on her tied with some ribbon, she like it only if she didn't think about it . I had a stocking that my aunt let use for her and stuffed it with a couple toys and wrapping paper.

     I think she enjoyed the toys. What do you think?

     I made sure this year that my candy tree had a lot of candy on it this year...I had smarties, peppermint taffy,  peppermints, those six chocolates, and Andes mint chocolate. And as always our never ending plethora cookies and sweets.

     My largest gift this year was a new bike! I got my bike stolen two days after my birthday while I was gone working on a midterm for my humanities class. So I was a fuming state for the past few months. I was glad I got a new bike and a new new lock.

      My christmas present to my aunt was a collectors edition of V for Vendetta that came with both the graphic novel and the Guy Fawkes mask. So was happy because her last copy was stolen. So that was a pat on the back for me.

As for the rest of gifts, I got a new purse along with little gifts like touch screen gloves, an Ariel art nouveau puzzle, a Renoir puzzle. A Merida pez dispenser!

    I also got a sully figure an Ariel mini funko bobble head (my only one), and a Toothless figure!
    One thing that was a bit continuous was nail polish, one can never have enough colors and nail stickies. I keep on adding new stuff for my nail polish collection. 
     Outside of various other things that is happening, it was a fairly good Christmas. Sorry it took me so long, to put this together.
      One thing I also did was that I participated in the IGGPPC holiday card swap. I had only received one card, but it was one awesome card.

     I thought it was awesome and gives me an idea on what to do next card swap. I also loved the professor Mcgonagall stamp. I hope to participate in something like this and continue for years to come.

 Happy Holidays from Nerdy Birdie!

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  1. I am melting because Dusty is such a cute little kitten! Putting plastic baubles on the Christmas tree was a good idea. I know I had many concerns about my own kitting tearing down the glass ornaments. He spent a lot of time locked up in bedrooms this holiday, so I'll be reconsidering what kind of ornaments I string up next year.

    - Jackie


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