2015 Goals on Nerdy Birdie: The Year of Change

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    So in the 2014 rewind I talked how it was a pretty eventful year for posts. I am hoping next year will be even better. I always make a list goals I want to accomplish for next year on this blog.
  • Publish posts that I write on paper
  • create banners for every month.
  • Start a comic on Ismene and friends.
  • start outfit posts twice a month.
  • publish reviews on comics, and books
  • create more book cover outfits. (looking for suggestions!)
  • Establish a better advertise page.
  • more posts on dusty as she grows
  • Create the most amazing Geek Chic & Healthy ever! 
  • More posts about life, beauty and DIY
     I'm not much resolution person because resolutions seem like something that you need to stay with and then give up if you don't keep up with it. As for goals to keep me motivated about what I want to do now in the future.

     My personal goals outside of my list of 23 things before I'm 24 these include:
  • downsizing things of items I own
  • reduce story papers
  • cut my hair
  • put together a healthy routine
  • create more monster hearts. 
  • Where dresses more often
  • Start a game day with friends 
  There are so many things that  I want to do in 2015. I just can't list them all!
   What are your goals for your blog?

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