ZappCon: Year One Part 1

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     So I'm crossing number 22 off of my 23 things to do before I'm 24 list, go to a convention. I volunteered a local pop culture convention here in Fresno, Ca on October 18th and 19th called ZappCon.

   I personally loved it. Volunteering for such an event like this, a got to attend for free, in my free time. Too bad I didn't have Money to buy something awesome from the artists and vendors; I did get some amazing swag.
My Orange volunteer shirt, I don't think I could be seen the convention. What do you think?

    I got to give it to the four board members of ZappCon for making it a great convention for a city that needs to express its geeky side. I hope to go back again next year, possibly as part of the artist alley.

     I'm splitting my description of what I did into a few parts. This post will include the night before celebration called Day Zero as well as day one.

Day Zero

   The night before my aunt (who also volunteered) and I went Tioga Sequoia Brewing Company; a local brewery.We defiantly had some fun. We two amazing guys who were promoting their awesome Kickstarter (I'll talk about it later.) It was a gathering for the vendors, Artists, volunteers, and anyone else who could be coming to the convention. They had free finger food, which ended up as my dinner because they had a whole lot extra in the end.  I'm not a big alcohol drinker, my aunt recommended Half Dome after she had it. I also had three cups of their root beer between the two beers.

Day One

    My day started early. My shifted an hour later than my aunt's but it was easy to do a one way trip for my grandfather.  The convention didn't start until ten, so there was a lot of time to kill. My job that day was to pay attention to the second floor, with other volunteers where the panels and the games were. I caught some of the panels briefly but I needed to watch some other rooms. I was flying everywhere.
    When my shift was almost over I asked this girl if I could take a picture of her in her Doctor Who outfit, but my camera batteries crapped out for the day.
    When my shift was over, I got to explore for a little bit. My aunt came up to me really excited about everything that she saw.
     I didn't get to stay for long as I wanted to but in the end I was exhausted for the day and I needed to relax.

Day One Swag

John Neptune Pamphlet- A cute little retro Buck Rogers type show on YouTube. My aunt got to take pictures with the cast with a green screen. Still waiting on those pictures...

Pathfinder Novel- Snatched while I was was on the second floor, I heard the words "it's free."

Rubber Bracelets from Valley Children's Hospital and giraffe pen (not pictured)- These were cute little supporting the hospital, and I like collecting them.

Sonic Comic- I used to have these in middle school. When I looked inside sure enough was from 2004. This also came from Valley Children's Hospital.

Justin Prime Spiderman print- I got this from the artist himself when he was looking around for people that could be attending the convention. I said it wasn't time yet, He was kind of disappointed. I asked him if I could have one.

My Badge covered with pins- The pins I gathered over the two days. The GEEK, Star Trek and anti-possession. I made on the second day.

Check out Part TWO

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