Zappcon: Year One Part 2

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    So to recap for a moment to Part 1 ZappCon is a new convention that took place in Fresno, California on October 18th and 19th.

Day Two

     Early in the morning I had a idea for a cosplay I could do and I most of the items. So I dressed up as a femme Castiel. The only things I was missing was the blue tie and the black wings. Okay maybe I didn't need the wings but I did use them to explain myself at a costume party wine tasting last Friday.

    Back to the convention when my aunt and I arrived the first costume I really saw was Deadpool. I was so excited because he was on my list on costumes to see.


The day began to wear down as it came down to the time that I had volunteer. I had some time before the con began to close up for the end of the con. That's when I saw them...Jawas!

      I was already in my volunteer shirt but I forgot my camera so I basically ran to get my camera. Things began to slow down at 4:30 which was the end time for the con, and was time for me to help clean up.

     I really enjoyed go to my first con that lasted more than a day. I would love to go next year and organize a gathering for female geek bloggers. I hope my shop is fully set up and get a booth there. and I still want to cosplay as Batgirl in her new outfit.

Day Two Swag

Sonic Comic- again from the Valley Children's hospital booth.

Star wars cards and Tattoo- come from the two suns which is a star wars club of the central valley.

Pen, sticky pad, and puzzle- all from the the Fresno County Library, I love the library.

  One Paige Comics bookmarks-  Come form this girl who does busty girl comics.

Taking Eden Postcard and Tattoos- It sounds like an interesting comic.

ZappCon Time Print- I'm not a big fan of Adventure Time, but I think that this print is adorable. One of the volunteers found two prints of this in one of the rooms upstairs, and gave one to me.

DC comics bookmark- from the library

Chocolate- from a game they were beta testing at the convention

Giraffe Pen- Valley Children's Hospital

1x1 Stickers KickStarter

So I need to mention these guys because they are so awesome. This guys Julius (though on the site he list name as Jace, I'm using the name that I met him as.) was promoting his Kickstarter with his brother Cassius where you can create pixel art using these stickers on almost any surface. I thought this was amazing and awesome to promote it to you guys.

   It's called 1x1 Stickers and you can almost stick to anything. I was talking to them on the second day of the convention and they were trying to figure out things like make the colors double sided and to have it on your car and it won't was off.
       I would love support these guys by funding them but this is all I can currently do. Check out their KickStarter for more information.

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