Welcome Ladies to 100 Days of Being Geek Chic and Healthy!

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I'd like to introduce you guys to the Ladies that are helping me with this project. They are wonderful Ladies that wish to discover who they are during this project.

 Name: Meli
  Age: 32
  What made you interested in this project? : I was made to feel ashamed a lot of the time for my geeky interests and tendencies as I grew up, and even more so as an adult ("that's kid stuff"). I love the idea of empowering females of the geeky persuasion on all fronts. There is nothing wrong with being geeky! :)
 What do you geek about? : Oh, where to begin! Doctor Who, Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, Sherlock, Sailor Moon, LOST, My Little Pony

Name: Freyja G (on the right in the picture.)
Age: 18

What made me interested in this project: I love the idea of different people that may be strangers coming together and completing challenges on topic areas that they love and are passionate about. I also love the idea of educating others about what it is to be a Geek girl!

What do I geek about?: Put it this way, far too many things! I love Marvel and the films of the Marvel universe, my favourites being Thor (1&2), the Avengers and the Iron Man trilogy. I also love J R R Tolkien and his works of the Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings trilogy. I also love Sherlock and David Tennant's era of Dr Who. I have a very excessive love for Tom Hiddleston!

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Name: Emily
Age: 25
Blog: Emmpossible (emmpossible.com)
What made you interested in this project? : Ever since being bitten by the bug years ago, I enjoy challenging my body from heavy weight training to running marathons. I am also a geek, but haven't felt quite as into comics and games for awhile as I have been in the past. I would love to share my passion of fitness and food while being inspired by fellow geek chic ladies.
What do you geek about? : Specifics? Adventure Time, Arrow, cosplay, Marvel & DC universe comics (into Matt Fraction's Hawkeye at the moment), Harry Potter, The Walking Dead, video games (especially the Nintendo kind)

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  Name: Alex Kay
Age: 25
  What made you interested in this project? : I love connecting with fellow geeky girls online! And I'm also really looking forward to sharing my tips and learning from the other gals. I'm always up for improving myself and living a more healthy lifestyle.
  What do you geek about? : My #1 fandom is Doctor Who - I'm totally obsessed. I'm also a big fan of Star Wars, comics (Deadpool and The Runaways are two of my faves!), horror films, Sailor Moon, makeup, fashion, traveling, and a whole host of movies, TV shows, and books.

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  Name: Ari
         Age: 21
       Blog: Comics and Cookies
       What made you interested in this project? : I became interested in this project because like Ariel, I was feeling about down in the dumps. I have a long, boring summer ahead of me with little to do and little money to spend on doing fun things, and an ongoing blogging project would keep me on my toes. I’m new to The Nerdy Birdie, but I absolutely love her site and her posts. I think it’s a great idea to combine nerdiness and positivity together, and I’m looking forward to starting this project!
·         What do you geek about? : Oh gosh, all sorts! Video games, Adventure Time/cartoons in general, films, comic books, TV shows, books, writing… the list goes on! I’m currently watching the original Sailor Moon series and nerding out over that, as well as playing through Gears of War, Resident Evil 5 and Aliens: Colonial Marines (It's awful, I know. Don't judge!) with my boyfriend, who I affectionately dub Boyfriend-Wonder. I’m a bit of a word-nerd too, and I love writing and learning new things.


  Name: Kerry Snode
        Age: 22
       Blog: Kerry's Habitat (www.kerryshabitat.blogspot.co.uk)
        What made you interested in this project?: Community is what blogging is all about. If that community can provide a positive and enriching environment for other bloggers then I'm always on-board.
        What do you geek about?: This list would be too long to write. Being a geek is being passionate about something. You can be a geek about your family or about a comic-book series. My blog is as varied as my interests. I suppose Marvel Comics is the biggest influence on my life.

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