This week's Challenge: The Home

1:43:00 PM Ariel Bloomfield 0 Comments

     For the first week of this challenge I have chosen the Home. Why?  Because I needed to clean my bedroom and hopefully get some DIY projects done.Yep. That is my reason for choosing the home first.

    The home is the one place, was where we used to hide; but now it is the place where we can show who we are.

 So I'm going to show you my mess bedroom. Be warned it is not pleasant.

Scroll down you dare....

I'll just hide behind a  wall  the due to embarrassment.

  Please continue Scrolling

 Yeah so its not the best looking room, but I have been working on it. One section at a time. If I don't I get over whelmed. There are pieces of furniture that belong to my grandparents making my space limited.
Gah! I'm so embarrassed about my room at the moment.
I hope to post some tutorials as continue along with the clean up.
 So once I'm done and more organized I will give you a tour of a clean bed room.

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