What's New with you Nerdy Birdie? 2020 Update

 Where have you been for so long?

Well to summarize everything; I have been working. At this point in time though the world has been in a chaotic state do the current pandemic I have been lucky have my job. To be honest, it is starting to get a little tedious (I have almost been going on auto pilot) and I'm really really ready to start a new adventure. Granted it's not in the best environment to do, but I'm ready to back to the creative, nerdy world I belong to.

What are your goals?

I hope to get back to writing up on here, I think I might finish a few old posts I don't know why didn't post them in the first place. I hoping to open an enamel pin shop, based on mostly books, but I will sell art as well. I just need to get of my funk I have been feeling for the last couple of months. Also I'm hoping to post more video on my channel and start working on a historical costuming(mostly)/vintage/cosplay channel. I plan to continue with my job for the moment until I feel comfortable leaving it. I mean I already do; but financially no.


So join me in this journey of  things to come!

P.S. I hope to organize this blog, just be patient with me.

Introducing The Geek Chic Book Club

Greetings and Salutations 100 day seekers...(I don't know if that exactly works, but its the only thing I can think of for the moment.) Today I'm introducing you to The Geek Chic Book Club.
     It's a smaller project that I'm introducing to you in the larger project. This book club was designed to read book around the recent emerging books of ladies in the geek world.

     This book club will have a bigger audience on YouTube, if you would like to join in there. This book club will be hosted by me and my friend Vanessa (who is known as Paper Faerie.) Most of the information will be coming the goodreads group page which you can find here. Discussions will be talked about more on Youtube hopefully on livestream.
   If anybody would like to review books on your own blog or on Youtube or both please email me at nerdybirdie.blog@gmail.com

The first book I would like to start with is Eliza and Her Monsters by

The novel is about a girl named Eliza who is a famous webcomic artist who has trouble connect wit the real world until she meets Wallace who is the biggest known fan fiction writer. Eliza secret is exposed and everything that she built with it. Everything falls apart from there.

I'm still doing a lot of things for this book club like create a logo. If there is any other information, I will let you know.

Tips For First Time Comic Con Goers

A couple of years ago I went to my first convention, technically my second but the first time I went I knew people that developed the convention. The first official convention that I was a nervous wreck. I wouldn't consider myself an expert, but every one becomes more experienced after their first convention. With the Las Vegas Comic Con coming up next week; I have been inspired to help create some tips for the first time goer.

Volunteer at the Convention

       I'm putting this as my first tip, because for my first convention I volunteered. Sure you may put in a lot of work, but for that work you get go to the convention for free. Depending on the convention they will do a day zero event where you will have a chance to meet other volunteers (outside of meetings) and some of the vendors. Plus you will get a free shirt for your service.

Carry a bag with you

       It can be either a backpack  (small if best) or a tote bag or a purse. A bag is best when you need to get your things, like your wallet. Even though you may get a bag full of swag, it's easier to have your own. In case you have a bit of panic attack, trying to search for that lip balm you thought you put in it.

Where something that you are comfortable in

      Where something that you believe can go through the day without having to hurt. If you choose to wear a cosplay. Go ahead, no ones going to stop you. I did on my second day of the convention. Obviously shoes would be a main source of comfort. If your looking for a really good fandom t-shirt, check out Jordanen√© for amazing worded prints. I love my Outlander shirt.

Create a mini emergency kit/store extra cash

      Mint tins are often handy for this. You can use a circular tin, but it's best if it's a rectangle shaped one.  I have an Ouija board one that I keep band-aids and pain pills in. You can also store your lip balm in it if you have room. If you still have extra room, stash some extra cash.

Water and snacks are important

     Water is super important. When it comes to conventions. You need to stay hydrate as much as you can. There are going be chances that you will be unable to get to the line that have food or your sanding in line for a panel. You may never know when need to eat. Keep your energy up.

Take a break when you need it

       If you're like me, you often feel like your being suffocated by being surrounded by other people. Go outside and breathe for a moment or find a area that doesn't have so many people. Anxiety can often be a big issue once your are in are big group of people. If you go outside for a few minutes, go

Ask permission before you take a picture of a cosplayer

   If you wish to take a picture of a cosplayer dressed as your favorite character, please ask for permission. Not only will you earn the respect of cosplayer, but you will get them to pose for you. The Jawas were my favorite.

Be smart about your spending

     Whether it's on the latest items that the booths have, like the funko that is special edition; or it is where you are staying or travel.Travel sites can often be a great help in big cities such as Las Vegas or San Diego.  One site such as vegas.com to make it easier for you to book travel deals for both plane and hotel.  If you live in the same town as the convention, then you're in luck. But check out travel sites if you need more help.     As for food and you things you want to buy, budget carefully; and spend what you want to get instead of over spending. I may not have this issue because I'm broke most of the time, but I tried to spend wisely. So that is all the tips that I have for those first time goers.  I wish I could go to conventions more often, but I'm not lucky enough to have the chance to travel at the moment.The Las Vegas Comic Con is coming up at the end of June. Check out Las Vegas travel deals page if you’re interested. I would give more advice, but like every convention goer, I learn as I go. As everyone else does.

100 Days of Being Geek Chic and Healthy to start up in June!

     Greetings and salutations readers!
          I'm excited to announce that this project is returning in June!And hopefully this time I will finish out the days on this project and I have so many things planned.

What do I have planned this year?
  • I have started a YouTube Channel specifically for this project. And I'm looking bloggers/vloggers to help with specific things around the channel. Here's what I'm looking for.
                                -Fashion/everyday cosplay/cosplay
                               -gaming/board games
                              - DIY
                              -Exercise/healthy living
                             -Anything else that might be helpful
  • I'm starting a book club with a friend of mine and we are going to be reviewing female geek themed book and graphic novels. I will add more info on that once it's smoothed out more.
  • I would like to encourage some people to start this project with an introduction video, and get out of their comfort zone a bit. If  you don't have a why of doing it, then type out the post. 
I will post more information once I have smoothed the information out later this week, so please stay tuned! If you wish receive newsletters about the project check the page from the projects tab above and click on 100 days of BGC&H. Sorry that the blog is a mess. I'm trying to clean it up.

If you wish to be part of the YouTube channel, please contact me at nerdybirdie.blog@gmail.com

Caraval Book Review

"Remember, it's only a game."
      Since last summer I have been wanting to read this book. I first read a preview of it and in November I won an advance readers copy of it. I was so excited that I was able to win it. So it was my mission to try to finish it through December and January. 

      Caraval is a whimsical and colorful story about one girl on the hunt for her sister; while playing a game called Caraval, started by a mysterious man called Legend.
The main character Scarlett and her are invited to Caraval after writing to Legend for many years. Before their journey begins they run into Julian, a sailor who Scarlett finds with her sister. They all find themselves involved in the game after the sisters escape their abusive father.
Once on the island Scarlett's sister Tella disappears and becomes part of the game. It leads Scarlett in a whirlwind of chaos and choices that make her realize who she is without her sister. Julian tags along but leaves on his own to help solve the disappearance of Tella. Or so Scarlett thinks.

There is so much I want to write about this without spoiling the book. From the beginning of the story I can understand why Scarlett and Tella would like to play Caraval. It is first established that their father is abusive and goes into full detail on how and how he became that way.
The one the that really attracted me to the story was the description of color that was in it. This could be in part with the character Scarlett who is later called Crimson by Julian throughout the book. The story a had a big twist to it when there was about 200 pages left. I was shocked, but something at the beginning of the story left it open for the twist and I loved it. The setting of the book seems like the mid 19th century, but I can imagine this if it took place in the present. I would love to get a hard cover copy of this and jump back in Caraval again.

100 Days of Being Geek Chic and Healthy will return in 2017

Hello Ladies!
    It  has been a while since I talked about this subject. Then I was going through a lot of struggles over this past year. I was unable to complete the project.
    So one thing that I was hoping was that was we could all do is show support buy buying something with logo on it!
You can find it here: http://www.redbubble.com/people/cagedbirdie/works/14628402-100-days-of-being-geek-chic-and-healthy-logo?asc=u&ref=recent-owner

I building up revamped challenges as well as a reading challenge with my friend. 

I'm going to update the page, as well as my blog. I have been busy with school, but I will give an update soon.
Things I want to continue:
  • The Newsletter
  •  Posts Until the end of the project

Things I want to add:
  • Half way meet up: Groups in different states.
  • Booktube and instagram challenges 
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No October Wrap-up or November TBR

I've decided not to do the October wrap-up and November TBR because I have been under a lot of stress lately. I've been trying everything I can just to pay for school but I'm still struggling.  I have applied to dozens of jobs and all I have been paying with work-study but it is not enough. I am going into my Senior year next semester and I would just like to finish.
I started a Patreon page just so I can get things rolling: https://www.patreon.com/nerdybirdie

My bookmark shop:

And mygofundme page I started a year ago: https://www.gofundme.com/mynextchapter

If you can help please help. I will thank all of those who have helped in my next video.

Halloween Favorites: Top 10 Favorite Ghost Adventures locations

Okay, So I could have gone for top five but there I so many places that I could have chosen from. I have been a fan of ghost adventures ever since I have seen the documentary of there first investigation. When they were going to have a tv show I was hooked. The reason why I liked Ghost Adventures so much is because a lot more stuff happens when there was three people. As compared to Ghost Hunters where they had a camera crew filming everything. When it came to the style of Zak, Nick, Aaron, Billy, and Jay filming it felt more authentic on want to want to capture. Another reason I like is because I am a sensitive. When I hear ringing in my ears I know that they are talking to me, as to what they are saying I don't know. I have heard voices on occasion but not often as most sensitives do. I also get the effects of how others died. So some of these locations I'm putting on here are also ones that have had a major effect on me.

This place is in Prescott, Arizona. The saloon has residual energy of a woman being crushed by the boots of a man. He killed her in front of others. There is also an evil energy that resides in the basement. When I was watching this my chest began to hurt and the pain moved up, I had difficulty breathing like I was being crushed like the woman.

The island of the dolls has been one of those places that I heard of since I was a child. Basically when started getting into the paranormal. Someone close to me also has the ability to see spirits. She has a strange obsession with possessed dolls. I would never step on to this island, especially after what these guys experienced there. Dolls have been there for years, even if they were motion activated their batteries are more than likely dead. But that doesn't seem to stop them.

I went to the Winchester Mystery House when I was a kid. I wanted to see the place, but when I went in. I almost wanted to get out. The one thing that freaked me out was was the stairs that lead to nowhere. When these guys went it was

 Bobby Mackey's is one of places I know haunts them. In fact when I put this my list, a couple days later the person close me told me she had the song "Johanna" stuck in her head. Um...I don't think that was a random though that came to her head. This one stays to my mind because of possessions, and often these stick with me because they are often a fascination of mine.

I really want to go to Zak's Haunted Museum. I know I will need help with the doll room, with the other one close to me who has her weird obsession with haunted dolls. I want to know who comes up to me as I'm walking through out the place. Does things get stranger as he puts more stuff in it?

This one still haunts me personally. Before the Riviera was closed to be demolished, a woman committed suicide. As they were in the room were she committed the act that lead to her death, Zak and the team had the spirit box out at that moment she asked "You know I'm here?" Zak thought she was talking about him. I can you tell you that she was not. Chills ran down my spine as she said this. Because she was staring out at those who close to the spiritual realm. You could almost feel stare on you and I still can't shake it off.

Living in Northern Nevada I've gone past the Nevada state prison in Carson City, Nevada. I didn't know that they closed it in 2012. When they investigated the place, there was very hostile energy but then it is a prison. That person I said that is close to me who a lot stronger with her ability, wanted to stab me with a fork and she knew it wasn't her because she is right handed and she was holding with her left hand. When the team went into the solitary confinement, there was one prisoner that died in there. I could see someone pacing in the background as they tried to get his attention, but he wanted to pay attention to the wall.

Polveglia Island was one of my favorite episodes and I know it was one of the traumatic early ones for Zak. The island has had many death through out the centuries when it was still in use. Now abandoned because it is believed to be really haunted. The episode became my favorite because of Zak putting on the Plague Doctor's mask and taunting the plague victims certainly brought up the activity. It showed that spirits were still afraid of men wearing masks.

I didn't live very far from Virginia City when I used to live in Nevada. When I watched the documentary of their first time there, it is what really drawed me into the show. I'm amazed that the town keeps bring them back, and they keep coming back to it. One of my favorite parts from it was when Zak shouted something say that he was ready to come for the spirits, the words "Come get me, I'm up here." could be heard from atop the stairs, when they were downstairs. Becasue of all their experiences, I really want to go explore the place.

This one creeped me out so bad. At least for me it was, when I started to experience more encounters with my sensitivity. This I could say is the worst place while watching the episode. George Hodel was the suspected murder of the Black Daliha. When they showed his picture, it gave my immediate chills through out my body because it felt like his fingers were going through my hair. I had so much trouble looking at his picture every time it was brought up. When they used a camera to detect others but they appeared as stick figures, there was one standing over the bathtub doing a sawing like motion. It was as if George was reliving his killings, but the moment Zak and his team stepped the room, it looked like he was washing his hands telling them that they are not supposed to be in that room. I for one am never stepping a foot in that place because I really don't want George's fingers going through my hair again.

This was the Halloween Special that they put up each year. This one was insane. They had ceiling fan fly off a dresser and flip over perfectly. After Zak, did smudging...I have never done it myself but I know he was doing it wrong. (sorry Zak.) When they had reached the Goatman's Bridge real stuff started happening. Jay's wife who was part of the crew as well was fueled by anger, but I know she was trying to resist it. (I'm sorry that she had quit after that.) Jay did an ancient ritual that brought up the activity. What would have happened if a woman preformed the ritual since it was women that were getting angry? Aaron and Zak were possesed. The one thing that bothered me about Zak was when he was holding his throat I could feel him crying, (I was crying myself.) wanting to let go, but something else took control.

I'm a huge fan of Ghost Adventures and amazed by the evidence they gathered and I know being a person with the ability to come in contact with the dead is hard to be believed by most people. Sometimes the gift can be a curse, I know that from experience after I did a ghost tour a couple of weeks ago. I had many people screaming into my ear that I got a headache, and my ear hurt so bad. I even met a spirit who was happy because the tour guide honored her. Zak, Aaron, Jay and Billy (and Nick even though he is no longer part of the team.); I admire you guys in what you do. I hope that you guys get to read this.

I even got a picture in Virginia City with the board that they signed....Excuse my look, I was tired. And the girl staring in the background, my friend who took the picture is 7'2", so it was only natural.

Since the beginning of my encounters with spirits have been more an understanding of them, I have been creating a journal of my encounters. I know the city where my school is a vortex, I'm always attracted place like that. I've had a lot more encounters than before.

What are your experiences with spirits? What are you favorite Ghost Adventures Location? Do believe in ghosts?

And Check out the Google Maps essay I did on the Oldest House as well as my classmates essay as well.

*Photos from Ghost Adventures came from the Travel Channel site*

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Book Cover Outfits with Paper Faerie Pt 1

This is a collaboration with my good friend from high school Vanessa who started her own Booktube channel called Paper Faerie. To get me back in the swing of things for these posts, asked her to choose a few books. The List is big so I decided to divide it into several posts. I hope to do this with other Booktubers, and more books. If you're interested in this please let me know in the comments.

Gracekeepers book cover outfit

For this outfit I was inspired the cover in  general and I really wanted to play off of it. I thought a constellation necklace would suit it best

Vanessa reason she chose this cover and response to outfit: 
"I like this cover because it feels so whimsical and cozy. This outfit captures that. I love the cozy boots paired with the magic of the read dress. And of course the necklace is perfect."

The Diviners Book Cover Outfit

The Diviners Book Cover Outfit by nerdybirdiegirl featuring a white flower necklace

I decided a twenties look, because why not? The story takes place in the twenties itself. My favorite part to the outfit is the shoes.

 Vanessa reason she chose this cover and response to outfit: 
"I chose this cover because I love the dark and superstitious feel it has, and I think a 20's outfit is perfect."

I really like working on this. I hope to work with other book lovers on this. 

And I will also explain the mess happening around the blog. 
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5 Reasons Why I Love Arrow

If you have not read my Flash post I encourage you to read it. Like I said in that post, I'm doing this on the days that the shows take place on.

5. John Barrowman as Malcom Merlyn
 I chose this as number five because though I miss John Barrowman as Captain Jack Harkness, there is some similarity to Malcom Merlyn. A little bit less flirtatious Jack Harkness, Merlyn is a bit tougher than Jack. Unlike Jack he likes to pop in and out of no where when he was not really needed.

4. Other DC Characters before they have their own shows
I know that this one is a bit long the title but it's like the crossovers. Barry was on Arrow before he was the Flash and also had a introduction to Cisco and Katelyn before the official start of the show. Even the suicide squad (even though they didn't have a show) help bring shape to the DC Universe that Arrow is currently shaping.

3. Kick Ass Female Characters
Out of all the DC Shows that have been around for the past few years, Arrow has been the one show made these ladies work their but off. Supergirl has a lot to work on to reach the same level. Even if Felicity is not shooting arrows or using any other weapons, besides using a computer she still kicks butt as Overwatch. Each one of these characters creates a strong team around Oliver Queen and help bring a different strength to Starling/Star City.

2. Felicity watching Oliver Working Out 
I actually mean their relationship....but that too. Felicity and Oliver have certainly have had an up and down type of relationship. Even though they have been a romantic relationship, and a really good friendship, they are always still there for each other. You will still find Felicity watching Oliver.

1.The Green Arrow/ Oliver Queen
Yep....another guy suck it up. But I like the character of Oliver Queen. Outside the look of the great body, Oliver has been through a lot. Surviving five years of being "dead" help create the Oliver Queen that we know in the series. He went through death, lost people he has loved and has even lost his family's money but that had never stopped from being the Green Arrow or the mayor of Star City.

 I wonder what Batman would be like in this world?

Keep an eye for Supergirl and Legends of Tomorrow post. I might do Legends of Tomorrow on Thursday or next week. I haven't decided yet. I'm also thinking about doing one on Constantine as well.....So keep an eye out.

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