10 Reasons Why I Love Outlander

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      A few months ago I had posted about my top 5 Reasons Why I love DaVinci's Demons. If you haven't seen it check it out. Early this year I started my budding romance with the hit Starz show Outlander. That's right I said budding romance. Not only did fall in love with it but I fell in love the entire aspect of it. So I'm going to give you my top ten reason I love not only the show but also the books.

*Major Spoilers Ahead* 

10. Time travel and magic
    Those of you who don't know the story know that there is a lot of time travel that is tied into magic in it. The question is are they both one in the same in the story or is separate issues. What is interesting about the magic in particular in the story, is the a lot of the still tied into the people of Scotland itself. 

9. Scotland is the perfect setting

I know I focused a little bit on Florence in my DaVinci post, but most of that was shot on a set. When it comes to the setting of Outlander, they use various places through out Scotland. And it is just beautiful.

8. Johnathan "Black Jack" Randall will give the chills
     I used the picture above as an example to when he has given me chills. Now if you have seen the series and read the book, you would know is the most horrible fictional human being that ever walked the earth. Black Jack did horrible thing to Jamie and left him scarred with the memory of a man who needed to die. Not only did he damage Jamie physically but also mentally. Where he had a difficult time to even look into his Claire's eyes. So this picture in the second season of the series where a peaceful moment is exchanged between the two. Black Jack placed his hand in Jamie, and after seeing the events in season one it could almost send chills down anyone's spine.

7.The books are really detailed with things others don't like as historical novel series

      One thing about the first novel is most people complain about thing like Jamie beating Claire or Black Jack well if you read the number eight you would know why. Most people don't realize that the novels take place in the 18th century where beating the wife was something legal for them back then and the things Black Jack was not be bosted about during the time.

6. Frank is pretty much a reincarnation of Black Jack
    Though they are played by the same actor in the series. There are some similarities to them. Even Claire makes the mistake of calling "Black Jack" Frank. Tobias Menzies does a perfect job at playing these two characters that are the complete opposite of each other, but has the characteristics that the other lacks.
One thing that both of the characters share is that Frank isn't able to have kids, while Black Jack well...he got stabbed in the in the crouch.

5. The Gaelic language is Beautiful
      The title itself is pretty much a Gaelic word, but it translated into English. The word for Outlander is Sassenach. It pretty much become a pet name for the narrating main character Claire. Gaelic is used through out the series to show a piece of the highland culture, because the series takes place as the last surviving culture of Scotland still existed before the Battle of Culloden. The language is not translated like the french in the second season, which is later translated by one of the characters.

4. There is a Lock Ness Monster Chapter
      Yep that is right. If you haven't not read the book, there is a very pointless chapter where Claire encounters the Loch Ness Monster. It's actually my favorite chapter but it doesn't fit with the rest of the story. There is brought up during her witch trail but it does not come in much use. It goes with the basic idea that Claire is not alone as being a stranger in the wrong time.

3. Jamie and Claire are a Great Couple
    Though at the beginning of the series you know that Claire is married to Frank Randall. I think the reason they became so distant with each other is because the worked separately during WWII. What brought Claire and Jamie together was more than the standing stones at Craigh na Dun, it was because they were destined for each other. Both pretty much are survivors in their own right and they just work perfectly together, whether if it's foiling a Jacobite rebellion or just saving each other from Fort William.

2.You can make a drinking game on the word "Culloden" on the Season 2 Finale

     My Aunt and I did a marathon of the series and when it came to the finale episode, we had one glass of wine left with the both of us.Culloden was used so much in the season finale we actually got through the entire glass.

1. James "Jamie" Alexander Malcolm MacKenzie Fraser
     Is that enough eye candy for you? I don't think it is. So any  reason why a lady like me would be watching this show. Sam Heughan is the embodiment of the red-headed Scotsman. He is written out as a young man in his early twenties that has been wedded yet. Once he marries Claire he becomes the most loyal damaged man on planet earth. Without Claire in the picture,you almost want to hold him and never let go. So with this my number one, I'm going to close it with a view of Jamie's ass. (yes, I swear. I don't always like doing in my posts.)

 I hope you enjoyed this post. I've been thinking about writing it up all day.  I hope to do some more of these posts in the future.

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  1. Great post about one of my favorite TV series' discoveries this year! The Outlander stole my heart for every reason you said, but also for the fact that for once the intimate scenes are shown from the female point of view, at least in my opinion. I should get my hands on the book now to explore more of this fascinating universe.
    Oh, and a perfect ending for a perfect article :D

    1. There is so much more I wanted to talk about, including the Bonnie Prince but I had to narrow it down. Maybe if I do another one by the next season.

  2. Cool post and awesome list! I just managed to get a copy of Outlander and can't wait to read the series, and then binge-watch the show. There is never enough eye candy of Jamie. :)

    1. I watched the show before reading the book. You can see a lot of the changes that happen from the book to the tv series. I'm already creating another list.


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