The Flash Necklace Based Outfit

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       I was inspired by Loot Crate to create a look on based this question, "what is your most coveted nerdy wardrobe piece?"
     If you are not familiar with Loot Crate, they create monthly subscription boxes that features apparel and items from popular fandoms that people love.
 Some of you that have read my posts over the years that I don't many items from nerd culture. But as of this summer my go items that I wear are my Joker Necklace and my Flash Necklace.

Seeing that designing a look may take time with the Joker necklace, I chose The Flash necklace.

Flash Fan Look

Vintage top / Long sleeve jacket / You Wear the Pants in Burgundy / Boots / The Flash Charm Trio / DC Comics The Flash Cosplay Hair Bow 2 Pack Hot Topic

For this look I chose something any fan would wear but also a bit a cosplay mixed into it. Since I don't have a lot to use for this outfit I had to shape it from the internet and Polyvore to help me out.

You can buy the charms at Hobby Lobby. I also found the chain there as well.

I wanted to go with a red shirt to go with the outfit, but I thought a Flash t-shirt would work the best. I found a black version of the ladies shirt.

Pants and boots
Keeping with the look of the Flash himself, red pants seemed to work out the best. As for the boots, I chose a flat heel design, and bit more straps on those boots so they don't go flying when your making a run to CC Jitters.

  I was looking for a sweater but when I ran into the Jacket above on Modcloth, all I saw was the flash within the jacket. So this is a bit more of a cosplay piece than anything.

Hair Bows
     As a final detail, I thought the hair bows worked best with this entire ensemble. You could chose either bow to support The Flash or Reverse Flash. 

I really loved creating this outfit, and I was really excited about getting an email about designing an outfit around one of my favorite necklaces. Check out Loot Crate and try out their monthly subscription box or any the other subscriptions they offer. I got one last year as a birthday gift you can check out the post here.

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